The second week of October was a particularly busy time for me. I was up in Vegas to speak at back-to-back conferences.

First up was Retail Global Las Vegas, an ecommerce event organized by Aussie ecommerce veteran Phil Leahy.

This was then followed by Rhodium Weekend, a gathering of online business owners and potential buyers.

In today’s episode, I talk to Dave about my biggest takeaways from attending and speaking at these events.

  • There are a lot of investors looking to invest on ecommerce businesses. With banks offering low interests, a 50 to 100% ROI that’s typical of ecommerce businesses is all the more attractive.
  • Many ecommerce entrepreneurs have their significant partners involved in the business. More often than not, drawing a balance between your professional and personal relationship can prove challenging.
  • No one really knows how to deal with the online sales tax issue.I joined a three-person panel session on this and about ten minutes into it, these experts were arguing amongst themselves on how this issue can be addressed.

Tune in to this episode for the details and Dave’s input on them. Overall, I was quite happy with how these speaking engagements. I was more relaxed and able to focus on how to deliver my presentation better to the audience.

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