Amazon or Shopify? For established entrepreneurs, it’s not really a matter of choosing which one to use as both platforms are necessary for business growth.

But if you’re just starting out and have limited time and capital, trying to grow both at the same time can be immensely stressful, if not destructive.

So if you have a Shopify store and also sell on Amazon, which one do you prioritize to achieve maximum growth?

The Entrepreneurial Itch

Yolanda Suyemoto is the owner of Umizato, a company that sells handcrafted blue light filtering eyeglasses that are perfect for people who stare at computer screens for hours on end every day.

Before founding Umizato, Yolanda has been unknowingly scratching the ever-present entrepreneurial itch. She got into the events space, and also into app development with her husband as they both have a programming background.

Yolanda joined EcomCrew Premium because she wanted to grow Umizato to $750k – $1M in revenue this year.

One of her dilemmas, which is the focus of this episode, is to know which platform to focus on to achieve her revenue goal. Growing both at the same time will spread her resources too thinly which could be detrimental to her business.

We also discussed the following:

  • How to increase testimonials using
  • The danger of having too many SKUs that compete with each other
  • How to get rid of excess inventory
  • Qualities we look for when hiring a VA

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Until the next one, happy selling!