With the Canton Fair starting in two months, many ecommerce sellers are making plans to go to China. We’ll be heading there ourselves in April to go to the fair and meet-up with members of the EcomCrew community.

Coincidentally, today’s episode was recorded while we were at last year’s Canton Fair. My guest Jon Larkin is an Irishman with an interesting start in the world of ecommerce. Five years ago, he was with a company developing software for ecommerce entrepreneurs. This piqued his interest in the industry and led to him joining Moocall, an ecommerce brand that develops and sells their own calving sensors.

Jon was poised to make another transition when I caught up with him. He was striking out on his own and was in China looking for products that he could improve on and sell under his own brand.

Not many people in the industry are able to transition from creating product demand to purely supplying it. In this light, Jon’s ecommerce experience is something we can all learn from.

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