I was in Miami for a couple of days last week for Sellers Summit and the finals of 5 Minute Pitch. Without putting out any spoilers, we’ve already picked a winner this season. I’m excited to meet with this person again to fulfill that mentoring session that comes as part of the prize.

For a show that’s on its initial run, we’ve had many interesting business ideas go through. One of which was from Jon Ford.

A Relaxing Hobby Turned Profitable Business

A firefighter by trade, Jon’s quest for a relaxing hobby has turned into a full-fledged business. He is the proud owner of SheaGarden Handmade, an online store that sells handmade soap.

Jon’s winning personality and passion for his product are proving to be quite a hit with customers. However, being a solopreneur with a full-time job can take its toll. In this episode, we identify Jon’s main struggle and I provide tips on how he can get past that.

Doing Marketing Right

From producing to pricing his handmade soaps, Jon’s got a lot on his plate. He wants to find a way to market his products more effectively.

You’ll often hear Dave and I talk about many different marketing strategies. But I’d like to emphasize that we don’t use all of them. And this is the first tip I gave Jon – choose one or two of these to try out for your business.

Tune in to the entire podcast for the full discussion and maybe learn a trick or two on how to leverage some out-of-the-box strategies to grow your own ecommerce store.

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