It might be July, but this month, we’re highlighting the talented ladies among our midst. 

I first got the idea for doing this after noticing that there wasn’t a single female attendee at our last live event in Hong Kong. It got me thinking about how there ought to be a lot more women in ecommerce but it remains to be a male-dominated industry.

In an effort to bring more attention to the accomplishments of women in the ecommerce space, I’m having an all-female guest list. Throughout the month I’ll be talking to boss ladies who are running their own online businesses.

As this is a premier, it’s only fitting to start off with Natalie Mounter. Natalie owns and runs a wedding decor shop called Totally Dazzled. But around here, she’s known as the OG superfan. 

Here’s a peek at what we covered.

Losing sight of the “why”

Like many solopreneurs, Natalie went through a year where she scrambled just to get a seat at ‘the million-dollar table’. While her business grew 2x in revenue, she didn’t quite hit 1M and ended up losing money when she outsourced Facebook advertising to two agencies.

Social media and its impact

Over the years, Natalie’s business has gained quite a following on social media. But her brand shines brightest on Pinterest. Totally Dazzled has 450K monthly viewers and Natalie uses the platform for leads. She also enjoys doing tutorials that feature her products so she plans to pump more content into the brand’s YouTube channel for her 20K subscribers to share and enjoy.

On the Facebook side of things, she keeps followers engaged via Facebook Live. She later turns these sessions into ads, which have been doing quite well.

She and I delve deeper into Facebook marketing and explore other avenues where she can use the platform to build new audience streams and build a bigger following, which hopefully translates to greater profit.

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