Today’s guest is another lady boss who did not initially set out to build a multi-million dollar business. All Daisy Jing wanted to do was to solve a problem that deeply affected her and to share her journey with other people who are going through the same struggle.

Her willingness to openly share her struggles and her desire to help other people attracted followers. In her own words, “Relatability and authenticity really put me on the map.” Years later, she’s running a multi-million dollar company, Banish, serving the very same people she always wanted to help.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Banish was founded almost by accident (6:58)
  • How she gained massive following on Youtube and how to build trust with your audience (12:18)
  • How to find the right kind of influencers and how to build successful relationships with them (14:26)
  • The lack of women in ecommerce (2:22)
  • How Daisy handles the impostor syndrome (24:10)
  • Why successful business owners didn’t go to college (26:42)

This episode is part of our Women’s Month celebration. We’d love to see more women in the ecommerce industry, so if you are a female business owner, head over to and tell us your story. We’d love to feature you on the podcast.

Thanks for listening! Until the next one, happy selling.