Welcome to the Ecomcrew podcast! It’s been a month-long trip overseas. We visited several countries in South East Asia and even stopped by Australia to catch the Australian Open. This particular episode was recorded while we were still in the Land Down Under. But now we’re back in America, ready to jump into the year with a refreshed mind and a hunger for growth.

In this episode, I sit down with Dave Alexander to talk about his ecommerce journey, how his first ecommerce business failed and how he persevered through it all by making his third product called Lazyleash, a product that’s five years in the making.

For all the people that are just starting out on their ecommerce journey, I think this will be a great episode for you because Dave shares how perseverance is super important when you’re first venturing into the unknown, especially in ecommerce. However, if you’re a seasoned seller, and you’ve crossed the 1-million mark, I think you’ll still find this entertaining after you hear what Dave’s first ecommerce idea was.

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Until next time, happy selling!