This is Mike and welcome to the 315th episode of the Ecomcrew Podcast! We haven’t done these in awhile, so this week, we’re joined by a guest who’s an absolute powerhouse when overcoming any challenge that comes her way. Today’s episode is an Under the Hood with our friend, Lori Howard from Skintech!

Lori is a pharmacist and entrepreneur who decided to break into the Skin Care industry after she decided that she was done with the endless routines, and the immense amount of options to choose from.

If you know anything about the Skin Care industry, it’s a very overwhelming niche to a new customer and Lori was one of those new customers. She mentions how it was so frustrating having to buy and apply so much product, only for them to end up not working for her.

And because of that frustration, she decided that she could do better. She researched endlessly, and after numerous formulas and testing experiments, Lori created the perfect skin care product and decided to share it with the world.

Lori and I touch on a variety of topics on today’s episode, and there’s definitely some lessons out there for everyone. If you’re starting off on your ecommerce journey, these customer acquisition strategies are definitely something that you should remember and if you’re an experienced seller, a quick recap on some of these marketing strategies would definitely be helpful.