Welcome to the Ecomcrew Podcast! Today on the podcast, we have another fellow podcaster in the Ecommerce space — Robyn Johnson!

Robyn’s been in the ecommerce game for 9 years now, and is known for her no-BS actionable advice in optimising your Amazon listings. She started off in ecommerce by following some of Dave Ramsey’s advice, after feeling stuck with endless medical fees and bills.

We’ll be discussing some strategies on how to Cash Flow Management, and more importantly, keeping your business alive during these crazy COVID times.

Specifically, we go over the importance of a 13 Week Rolling Cash Flow, cutting off unnecessary expenses, and why you, as the owner of your brand, owe it to everyone in your business to make the hard decisions.

Robyn, thanks for being on the Ecomcrew podcast today, I really appreciate it. If you guys want to hear the episode that I did with her on her podcast, you can do so here! 

If you want to hear more of Robyn and what she does, head on over to Marketplace Blueprint to support a fellow ecommerce entrepreneur and podcaster!