Hello and welcome to E334 of the EcomCrew podcast!

Today, I am joined by Judson Morgan, who is an actor, entrepreneur, and more importantly, the founder of Butter, a video ad agency that helps ecommerce businesses tell their brand and product stories through high-quality videos.

In this episode, Judson and I talk about

  • What a video is worth – 4:18 
  • How other platforms adapted to the rise of video marketing – 5:50
  • How Judson started with Butter – 7:15
  • The challenges of making video content – 9:43
  • How much videos increase conversion rate – 11:37
  • How to make good video content with little budget – 13:33
  • The importance of brand storytelling – 18:00
  • Butter’s case studies – 20:34
  • Versatility of videos – 23:24
  • Using keyword strategy along with video content – 25:33
  • Mike’s strategy when using video content – 28:27
  • Where you can find Judson – 30:34
  • Mike spending time with his employees in the Philippines – 32:00

You can find Judson and check out his company’s work over at butter.la

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