As e-commerce sellers, we want nothing more than to grow our business and maximize our profits, but sometimes, the opposite is true. 

David Wilson, who was a previous guest in our Under the Hood segment, is trying to downshift his business and transition it into a stable side hustle to support his personal hobbies.

In this episode, I give David some valuable advice on how to keep his business chugging along as a lifestyle business. We talk about why it’s still important to seek new opportunities and to streamline your ecommerce business, even though you’re running it on the side.


  • Recap of my previous coaching sessions with David – 1:13
  • How his sales have done while he’s working a regular job – 5:40
  • The challenges of selling in Europe and Canada (from the US) – 8:15
  • How Sellics has helped David’s PPC management – 11:06
  • How David has downshifted his business – 15:20
  • Where David stands between his e-commerce brand and his full-time job – 19:10
  • My advice for running a lifestyle business – 22:28
  • How to streamline your business while scaling it down – 24:14
  • A quick chat about Bitcoin – 35:15

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I’d like to thank David for coming back to the podcast and I’m excited to learn how his lifestyle business does in a couple of years. 

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Until the next one, happy selling!