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E363: Growing and Diversifying Your Ecommerce Business – Under the Hood Part 2 with Sebastien Taché

Sebastien Taché was our guest for Under the Hood back in E187, where we talked about saving on high-quality content for SEO, developing a product in a competitive niche, and then some.

Today, Sebastien is back to share how his business has done after our first 1-on-1 coaching session more than a year ago. 

In this sequel episode, I share a lot of things that helped me grow my own ecommerce brands, which you can apply to your business as well. 

We talk about things like the benefits of hiring a full-time content writer, branching out into a new industry and importing from China, along with a lot of other stuff that hopefully enables Sebastien to leave his full-time job and reach his ultimate goal in ecommerce. 


  • An overview of our Under the Hood segment – 3:26
  • Catching up with Sebastien after our first coaching session – 4:12
  • How hiring a Filipino writer helped Sebastien’s site grow 10x in organic traffic – 5:10
  • Leveraging credit for optimal growth – 10:31
  • Venturing into a new industry and importing from China – 14:48
  • Why I ship LCL (Less than Container Load) –  20:27
  • How I balance my time between multiple e-commerce projects – 23:59
  • Things we do to keep our offshore team motivated – 30:35
  • How to optimize content when it’s already ranking well – 40:34
  • How to launch large or oversized products – 47:03

I had a great time talking with Sebastien and I’m excited to welcome him back for a third installment to this Under the Hood series a couple of years from now. If you want to schedule an hour-long coaching session and get featured in a podcast episode, make sure to sign up for Under the Hood.

We talked a bit about importing from China in this episode, but if you’re looking for the nitty gritty of sourcing products from China, check out Import From China Like a Pro, our brand new book that lays out the blueprint for building a profitable business of importing from the factory of the world.

If you like this episode, make sure to leave us a review over on iTunes so we can help more e-commerce sellers grow their business.

Until next time, happy selling!

Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.

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