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E380: [Amazon PPC Overhaul Part 1] Investigating PPC and Amazon’s Various Ad Formats

Check out our article here for more information about our PPC overhaul and investigation.

Over the last year, Amazon has rolled out a bunch of new advertising options alongside a trend of rising ACoS

While my offshore team has done an amazing job with PPC and keeping everything in check, I’ve found that a few competitors have caught up to us by taking advantage of these new ad formats.

All this can get overwhelming for new Amazon sellers and has a lot of us scratching our heads as to which methods to use, how much to spend, and which software works  best. 

This is why we’re doing an Amazon PPC Overhaul series. 

In this 6-part series, Dave and I will re-examine the current advertising campaigns we use for our own 7-figure brands and bring you a breakdown of our actual numbers to answer all your questions about PPC and Amazon’s hoard of ad formats. 

For this pilot episode, we’ll be talking about why PPC can be the biggest driver of profit in your ecommerce business. We’ll also be giving an overview of our current account performance and the goals we want to achieve after our investigation. 


  • Why we’re doing this Amazon PPC podcast series – 1:01
  • How my early PPC tests are turning out – 7:35
  • Current PPC baselines for our own brands and our 3-month goals – 9:38
  • Should you just turn off PPC during the off season? – 13:34
  • Our thoughts on how AI plays into PPC and ad campaigns – 19:10
  • Some key questions we want to answer in this series – 22:21

Be sure to check out Dave’s Amazon PPC Overhaul article, which is the perfect companion to this podcast episode, and all the other good stuff we have for you over on the EcomCrew Blog.

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Until the next one, happy selling!

Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.

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