We’ve finally come to the big 4-0-0!

400 podcast episodes is a lot of podcasting, and it’s certainly a huge milestone for us here on EcomCrew.

Joining me for this special episode is none other than Dave. 

We’ll be taking a quick trip down memory lane and look back at the podcast’s early days as well as how we managed the challenges that came our way as we got more listeners and created more content.

Speaking of growth, our main topic for this episode is scaling an ecommerce business and the big throttles that become harder and harder to address the bigger your business gets. These include cash, product development, and finding the right people to grow your business with.


  • Looking back on the podcast’s early days
  • Another big milestone: Getting over a million downloads
  • Planning out and scaling your business
  • Throttle #1: Cash
  • Throttle #2: Product growth
  • Throttle #3: Employees

I wanna thank all our listeners for tuning in to every episode and joining us on our journey. It’s been a fun ride so far and I can’t wait to put out more great content for you guys down the road.

As always, if you enjoyed this episode, leave us a review over on iTunes to let us know.

Happy selling and we’ll talk to you soon!