E421: 5 Things That Make Your Brand Attractive To Rollups

This episode is an addition to our mini series with different ecommerce aggregators who are always on the lookout for potential brands to acquire.

Andrew and Alaina are the CEO and Head of Brand Marketing of Suma Brands, respectively. Their company focuses on buying and growing Amazon FBA and direct-to-consumer businesses.

Today, I get to pick their brains on the biggest things that ecommerce aggregators look for in a brand, as well as the things that they consider huge red flags when evaluating potential acquisitions. 

If you’ve ever courted with the idea of selling your ecommerce business or are planning to sell a couple of years from now, this episode will add a lot of value to you. 

Audio Timestamps:

  • Introduction to Suma Brands – 4:19
  • Suma’s core philosophy and their deal structures – 6:13
  • What Suma Brands looks in businesses – 16:08
    • #1 Brand magic
    • #2 Product reviews and social proof
    • #3 Opportunities and brand evangelists
    • #4 Proven history of growth
    • #5 Opportunity
  • The value of a having a repeat customer base – 21:30
  • Which things turn ecommerce aggregators off – 23:59
    • #1 Fake reviews and suspicious metrics
    • #2 Not having a differentiated product
    • #3 Low margins 
    • #4 No lifetime value
  • Why work with Suma – 36:24

I hope you learned as much as I have from Andrew and Alaina. I definitely can’t wait to have them back on the show perhaps a year from now to discuss how much their company has grown. If you’re interested in starting a conversation with them regarding your brand, feel free to shoot them an email on:

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As always, happy selling and we’ll talk to you soon!

Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.


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