E509: Life Update – Mike Jackness’ Plans for the Next Year

Today, Dave and I are diving into some events this year that have led to me ultimately choosing to let go of all my brands.

We discussed a little bit on the last podcast episode, but Dave and I also discuss the rest of my plans for the future and moving towards embodying The One Thing. 

Here’s a few specific questions that Dave tossed out: 

  • Were your other businesses being negatively impacted while you were a CEO for this previous project?

  • What’s the maximum amount of businesses should a person have while giving a reasonable amount of attention to? 

  • What’s the next business for Mike? 


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:35 – Reflecting on the recent sale of our business
  • 03:09 – Lessons learned and evaluating decisions
  • 09:21 – Balancing multiple projects and finding focus
  • 20:54 – The Benefits and Challenges of Multiple E-commerce Brands
  • 22:19 – Focusing on a Single E-commerce Brand
  • 25:44 – The Decision to Sell Off Brands and Find the One Thing to Focus On
  • 27:24 – Vision for the Future and Buying a Business
  • 33:04 – Reflecting on the Frustration of Selling the Previous Business
  • 36:44 – Changing Business Landscape
  • 39:11 – Excitement for a New Business Venture

So stay tuned, as we continue to explore this ever-evolving industry together!

I hope you took away some valuable insights from this episode that you can use to sort out your business goals for this year. Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes if you enjoy our content. 

Happy selling and I’ll see you on the next one!

Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.

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