E515: Can You Ship Direct to Customers from China for Cheap?

No matter how rich you are, you'll always be running into issues with cash flow the longer you're running an ecommerce business. 

Money gets tied up for weeks and up to months at a time while waiting for your inventory to reach local warehouses, but it doesn't have to be with Portless.

Izzy Rozensweig, the CEO of Portless, joins me in today's podcast to talk about how Portless was founded, how it operates, and how his game changer can be leveraged to improve your cash flow by multiples – not just by a few percent. 


  • 0:00 – Introduction 
  • 1:10 – Izzy's background in e-commerce 
  • 6:21 – How Portless was founded 
  • 10:50 – What does it cost for a typical small package?
  • 14:12 – How Portless handles next-day shipping  
  • 17:25 – Is Portless appropriate for large, bulky products? 
  • 18:55 – Improving cash flow by magnitudes with DTC shipping  
  • 26:33 – Quick Fire Question #1: Does this work for any region in China? 
  • 27:00 – Quick Fire Question #2: What's the threshold for the size of business? 
  • 27:35 – Quick Fire Question #3: Where can they find more about Izzy and Portless? 
  • 28:54 – Risks associated with shipping DTC 
  • 30:06 – Other countries that DTC shipping applies to 
  • 30:36 – Does Portless provide services for FBA? 

If you're interested in partnering with Portless, I highly recommend you do so by checking out this link. If you'd like to speak to Izzy directly, contact him on his LinkedIn or Twitter pages. 

We'd also love to have you on in a future episode to talk about your experiences with Portless if you do decide to partner with them! Reach out to us at support@ecomcrew.com if you're interested. 

Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes if you enjoy our content. If you have any questions, send us an email at support@ecomcrew.com. We'd love to help you in any way we can. 

Thanks for listening!

Until next time, happy selling! 


Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.

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