E518: How To Get Amazon To Reimburse You For Losing Inventory

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According to last year's Software Poll, a whopping 37% of sellers are NOT using a reimbursement service of any kind. As Yoni mentions in today's episode, that is not only a significant loss in cost, but also a loss in potential profit margins that you could have gained. 

Yoni Mazor is today's guest, and the CGO of GETIDA, one of the biggest companies out there specializing in Auditing and Reimbursements for Amazon Sellers. We talk about the common mistakes that Amazon makes, how you can claim reimbursements from Amazon for free, and the amount of inventory lost in Amazon FBA on today's episode. 

If you've ever been reclassified into a different FBA size tier, (which is extremely common) then this episode is definitely for you. Here are some chapter markers: 

  • 0:00 – Introduction 
  • 1:02 – Amazon Is Stealing Money From You
  • 2:57 – Why Amazon Is Better Than Other Marketplaces with Reimbursements 
  • 4:13 – “What is Amazon infamous for, and what can you do about it?”
  • 5:50 – “What Percentage of Shipments Are Lost?”
  • 9:07 – How To Claim Reimbursements From Amazon and Make Money
  • 11:55 – GETIDA: Pricing, ROI and Return of Frustration
  • 18:12 – Mike's Latest Inventory Issue
  • 20:16 – “What Else Can You Get Reimbursed For?”
  • 25:08 – Why Reimbursement Services Are Worth It
  • 26:31 – Where did GETIDA's name come from?

If anything, I'd like for you to walk away with the fact that having a reimbursement service is no longer optional and that you're leaving money on the table if not. If you’re interested in GETIDA, check out our affiliate link here

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Michael Jackness

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