EcomCrew has gone through a big transformation ever since the site merged with Dave Bryant’s site In less than a year we’ve accomplished so much–we’ve launched new courses, upped the podcast to two episodes per week, and revamped the entire EcomCrew site. Dave and I are tremendously happy with what EcomCrew has become and we are gearing to do even more, but we would not have gone to this point if not for the people helping us behind the scenes.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast recently or reached out to us at some point, you might have heard of or encountered Abby. Abby is our Filipino VA and one of the people working behind me and Dave to help us get EcomCrew to become so much more. While Dave and I focus (and get distracted) on the course content and speaking at industry events, Abby makes sure everything else run smoothly–from scheduling the podcast episodes to answering emails.

We recently got a chance to get Abby on the podcast (after much persuasion) during our trip to the Philippines. We wanted everybody to meet Abby and get to know her a little, at least virtually. Here’s what she and I discussed in this episode:

  • How we found her and how she became the EcomCrew VA
  • The challenges she encountered early on in the job
  • Her day-to-day tasks
  • How she learned to produce the podcast
  • What’s coming for EcomCrew in the future
  • Her pro-tip on how to get your VA to stick around

We’d like to thank Abby again for getting on the podcast despite the fact that she was too shy to do it :) If you have someone, or a team of people behind your, never forget to appreciate them and recognize what they’re doing to help you get to where you want to be.

Resources mentioned:

Amazon Launch Strategy webinar
E96: Our Philippines Team

Thanks so much for listening! Until the next episode, happy selling.