Episode 37: What Matters More In Business, Skill or Luck?

Today we talk about a topic we’re kinda divided on, Luck. Some people think luck is essential in business; while others think that luck is made. We debate that conversation on today’s podcast. There are some compelling points made on both sides. Give the episode a listen and see on what side you fall.

The points we discussed today:

  • The role of luck in business
  • The importance of being in the right place at the right time
  • Being Lucky vs. Being Tenacious
  • Why you can’t fight city hall
  • Having a high risk tolerance in business
  • How to turn lessons into luck
  • Amazon Nightmares
  • SEO Lessons
  • Focusing on good content and user experience
  • The importance of keeping on eye on your vendors


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  1. Interesting conversation. Call it luck, circumstance, blessings or whatever your word is … I heard something once that has stuck with me. “It’s easier to make a home run when you start at 3rd base.” Because I was born in the USA (as a woman, that is a huge huge advantage over other parts of the world), because I was born to 2 really great parents, because my parents kept me safe from horrible people as a kid, because I was essentially forced to go to college, because of the personality and natural abilities I was given, because of opportunity that I had and that I took advantage of … etc etc. Because of all of that “luck,” it will be much easier for me to accomplish more in life than someone who wasn’t given these many advantages. It’s easier for me work hard and earn my “luck” because of the gifts I was given. Winners tend to win more. It doesn’t mean that if you aren’t given this “luck” early in life you can’t still succeed (there are so many very inspirational stories out there), it’s just much, much harder. Just like there are people who are given the gift of “luck” don’t do anything with it and become total losers as life move forwards. It’s really taking your “luck” and doing good things with it (which is hard work). So, take your “luck” you’ve been given, work hard to make it grow, and use it to give “luck” to other people, especially those who weren’t given the same “luck” you were. That gift of luck can make all the difference in their life.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment Jackie! I can’t agree more with that analogy of starting out on 3rd base. What you said about being born in the USA is one thing I think many of us in the states take for granted. Sure, it doesn’t automatically grant anything, but it does grant a standard of living and huge potential for opportunities that are lacking in much of the globe.

      Mike and I are both currently in Asia again and I just look at the people around here making $250 a month doing back breaking work. There’s certainly a lower cost of living here, but these people are not getting rich on $250. Most aren’t educated since they come from farms, so the jobs are only for low skill or physical labor. I was one generation away from being in this environment and can only imagine the sheer difficulty that I would have had trying to succeed with that background. So I definitely count myself lucky!

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