Episode 47: How to Stop Being a One Person Operation

On today’s Ecom Crew Podcast we discuss dealing with difficult customers and also why a business owner should hire employees. We talk about what to hire for, why you should hire, and when to hire. Virtual Assistants are worth the time and money, if you have the time and money.

We also discuss how to use employees in the best optimal way. It is a major step in growing your business. If you need to hire in your business or are just starting out and wanting to get an idea of a time line, this episode is for you.

Here are today’s topics:

  • Dealing with issues with customer orders.
  • Reasons to hire your first employees.
  • Why outsourcing is different from hiring an employee.
  • Why when you hire it should be for multiple tasks.
  • How to keep your employees on money making tasks.
  • What Mike and Grant think are the best uses for a VA or full time employee.

Resources Mentioned Today:




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  1. Hi there,

    Have you decided what time and day the Facebook live show will be aired? I’m based in Sydney, Australia so will need to plan for it to accommodate the time difference.


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