Grant is back with us today and we are going to continue our series on How to Get Off Amazon. Today’s episode is part 3. Part 1 was when we discussed PPC (pay per click) ads. Part 2 we discussed the role SEO (search engine optimization) in getting your own site noticed away from Amazon.

Part 3 of this topic is how to use Facebook ads to build an audience. Today we’re going to talk about why people don’t use Facebook ads and how to find your audience in an ocean of Facebook users.

Today’s Topics:

  • How Cyber Monday went for us.
  • The 2 reasons people don’t use Facebook ads.
  • The mistake most ecommerce founders make with Facebook ads.
  • What is interruption marketing?
  • How banner ads have changed.
  • Mike’s strategy of targeting his audience.
  • Grant’s strategy of targeting his audience.
  • How to market to a niche.

Next time we’re going to discuss part 4 of How to Get Off Amazon. Part 4 will be about how to create value for your audience. Mike will also revisit this topic with the best performing Facebook ads. Remember we do a live podcast on our Facebook page every Monday, If you like our Facebook page at you can join us for the episodes.

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