Episode 75: Holiday Planning Time

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 in Podcast

On today’s episode, I discuss why you need to start planning for the holidays. It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming you have enough, and then underestimating your demand. A lack of inventory means a loss of sales. Don’t let it happen!

Here’s what I cover today:

  • Our Ecom Crew courses.
  • The ideal time frame to order standard inventory.
  • The ideal time frame to order a new product.
  • The process you need to go through to get ready for the holidays.
  • Color It’s upcoming 12 Days of Christmas promotion.
  • Color It’s upcoming 8 Days of Hanukkah promotion.
  • Why we start our holiday promoting in October.
  • Why overestimating your inventory needs is a good thing.
  • Why you should be prepared for Chinese New Year.

We will be launching some Ecom Crew courses in August. If you are interested check out the link at www.ecomcrew.com/course. We will be doing these courses with Dave Bryant, so sign up at the link and we’ll send you more information later.

This episode is sponsored by Stamped.io. We have recently switched to Stamped.io, so we can get the most out of our reviews, and they have a really great product. We are proud to partner with them and there is a link below to check them out.

We also do live episodes on Facebook, but there won’t be a live episode for a couple of weeks. We do have some pre-recorded episodes done for you. To get in on the live episodes, just like our Facebook page.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Color It


The 12 Days of Christmas Promotion 2016

Ecom Crew’s Facebook Page


If you have any questions or anything you’d like us to discuss on the podcast you can now email us directly at ecomcrew.com!  Just send those emails to [email protected]. Also, we would really appreciate if you would leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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