Episode 87: EcomCrew Updates

Today’s episode covers a lot of information. I want to give our listeners updates on several contests, site launches, and other business-related topics. We have a lot going on and I tried to fit as much as I could into our runtime.

Here are the topics I covered today:

  • EcomCrew’s new website and content offerings.
  • Tactical.com’s growth and a contest we’re running at the moment.
  • Our affiliation with ClickFunnels.
  • Our Color It Ultimate Jackpot Contest.
  • How ManyChat is proving to be a great lead tool.
  • My Filipino team is growing and I’m seeing awesome results!
  • We welcome Jacqueline to the team as our new Director of Ecommerce.
  • My speaking engagement at Global Sources.
  • Color It's need for a new 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and what we plan to do about it.
  • Our recommendations for shipping.

That is a lot to cover in a short time, but hopefully, I answered some of your questions and satisfied some curiosities. It’s been a busy year for EcomCrew and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.

I will be going over to China on October 11th – November 4th. Anybody who plans to come to Global Sources, I would love to meet you. If you are interested in attending Global Sources (October 17-19) this year we have a special discount code (3ec50) for our listeners that will take $50 off the ticket price!  I will be speaking at the event, once on the 17th and once on the 19th.

We have some sponsors to thank as well. The first is Stamped.io, which is a great tool if you need to get some quality reviews for your Shopify store. The second is AsiaInspection, both Dave and I use AsiaInspection when we have to inspect a shipment from China. Both of these sponsors are great partners and we’re happy to have a relationship with them.

Resources Mentioned Today:




Color It

Color It Ultimate Jackpot Contest


EcomCrew Facebook Page

Fulfillment Works

Global Sources





Tactical.com Giveaway

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Full Audio Transcript

Mike: This is Mike, and welcome to the EcomCrew podcast number 87. We're getting closer and closer to that magic 100 number; we’re looking forward to doing that episode. I'm hoping to get some cool things planned for that. Before I dig into today's episode, I just want to mention that the EcomCrew podcast is sponsored by Stamped.io, that’s Stamped.io. If you ever need reviews for your Shopify platform, I highly recommend checking them out.

We've been using them now for several months with a lot of great success. We still owe our audience an episode just on that. We haven't had time to put that together yet, and unfortunately with our podcasting schedule, it's probably going to be the end of the year before we do, but definitely love Stamped.io. Definitely check them out before you get started on any reviews.

And then also AsiaInspection which is a platform that Dave and I have both been using since the very beginning. If you go to EcomCrew.com/inspection, and you sign up under there, you will get a dedicated account rep, which they usually don't give until you’re a much larger client. So definitely check them out at EcomCrew.com/inspection.

So I want to dig right into this week's episode. We have a lot going on this week. I really want to be going over just kind of an overview of a whole bunch of things we've been doing, things that I've talked about in previous episodes here and there. But just want to do a follow up, and tell you guys kind of what's been going on as a result of launching all these things. It's always fun talking about new things on the podcast, but sometimes you kind of forget to come back and circle around, and that's what this is all going to be about.

So I have like 11 things on this list. It's going to be a lot of things. I encourage you to listen to the full episode. It's going to be things from just our new EcomCrew website, the Tactical.com launch, what we've been doing with Amazon landing pages, contest for ColorIt, our ManyChat growth, our Philippines team, and just all kinds of stuff, 3PL selection and all that. So let me dig right into it.

The first thing I just want to talk about is our new EcomCrew website. It's not a major change as far as the looks go, but we definitely updated it now that Dave is part of that team. And the biggest thing is just the content. All the content that was on Chinese Importing is now over at EcomCrew.com. And Dave who is a part of EcomCrew now is committed to writing at least one blog post per week. I’m kind of the podcast guy. He obviously hops on, every now and then when he gets a chance, but he's kind of the writer and I’m the podcaster. And there's just a ton of awesome content he’s releasing every week.

It was actually pretty funny. I was talking to Dave earlier this week about Amazon's new fee changes that they did for multi channel fulfillment. I said, hey Dave, have you seen these new fee changes. And he's like, yeah I heard, there's a good article over here about this, new piece of article at EcomCrew. It was pretty funny. So definitely check out EcomCrew, get on the mailing list if you're not already, and get subscribed to all the content that he's putting up there. It's definitely really, really awesome.

The next thing I want to talk about is the launch of Tactical.com. And if you are watching this on the live show, I am going to be showing the stuff live on the Facebook live. If you're listening to this in your car, you might want to go back and just check out the live version at Facebook.com/EcomCrew, that's Facebook.com/EcomCrew. You can watch all of our old episodes there. But right now I just popped up Tactical.com. This is something that I talked to you guys about months ago, maybe like two or three months ago. What my plans were for Tactical.com, and it's always fun to see things kind of come to fruition. To me the site looks pretty darn professional. It looks like a site that's been up for a long time. There's a lot of content there now. All the naysayers that said that you can't possibly get a site like this up with just content from the Philippines, you're wrong. Here's the site, it's up and running, Tactical.com.

So again our strategy with this is to put out content that is related to our niche of tactical products. We're trying to build a network of websites that sell things related to this. So this could be camping gear, hiking gear, survival food, things for your bug out bag, things for prepping, things for any type of survival situation. And we're currently working on developing products for this that we hope to launch either by the end of the year, or certainly in the first quarter of next year.

And we already are working on the content strategy for that, getting people to our site that are looking for these types of products, so we can then pixel them or get them on our e-mail list, and then sell them these products later. So the idea is to lay the groundwork now to be able to have something for the future. So I definitely encourage you to check out Tactical.com. Again all the content on there, except for maybe one or two articles was written by our team in the Philippines. They've done an incredible job. Again those guys out there continue to impress me day in and day out, and I'm really happy with our office there.

And we launched the site, I don’t know, maybe about a week ago now. So we just turned on the search box. We had the site blocked from being crawled. So we’re in the infancy stages of obviously having that organic content strategy. But we can immediately start working on the social media strategy, and running ads to Tactical.com which we're already doing, just trying to test out and see which content responds the best, and we know what our star articles are going to be moving forward. It’s definitely a really important part of the process.

So really excited to have that up and running, and it's always cool to step back and say, okay we actually accomplished something here and got up and running even with all the crazy stuff that happens on our organization day in and day out. Then to talk about the Tactical.com giveaway, so I'm on right now contests at contest.tactical.com. We moved the contest over from Tactical.com to contest.tactical.com now that we have launched the website. And we're still giving away a flashlight every day throughout the month of September. We’ll probably do the same giveaway in October just to keep things simple.

But this is a product that we're looking at developing, and having this contest and seeing the response of what's going on here is definitely helpful. We've been able to collect about 10,000 e-mail addresses over the last couple of months even through some adversity. Facebook had shut down our ads many times because they kept on saying they were related to weapons even though they weren't. So it's really been frustrating from that perspective, but we did get all those things worked out now. At least we can see Tactical.com’s contests are now up and running, and we're able to keep getting ads running and getting people on our e-mail list.

So once we ran the contest, we then set up a ClickFunnels landing page to promote this actual product that we're doing to our list, and we are able to get several sales, which I was really happy with. And that's basically the next phase of our testing. So again we run the contest for a particular product, and then once we have that list, once it's finished, we can e-mail that list and say, I’m sorry that you didn't win, but you can buy this thing over here for XYZ dollars. And we had several conversions which I'm really excited about.

We're about to send out another email to that list just to try it at a lower price point and see what happens. And the strategy there is to use a product off of Ali Express. So we don't have any inventory to purchase, and just fulfill right through that, right through ClickFunnels using Orderlytics. It just automatically can send over those orders over into over into Orderlytics and over into Ali Express and fulfill them. So there's just no risk upfront, and you get to see if your list is responding to those products, which is then a great way to then decide whether you want to develop that product or not, which we’re definitely in the process of doing that.

So Tactical.com giveaway, I would say a success all around now, and we've now if you go to Tactical.com, you'll see that we have ads like all over the site for the giveaway. So basically we're trying to use the site, the content now to drive people to our giveaway, to our contest page and get them signed up to get even more organic sign ups into our contests, which is kind of a long term strategy, and it's a way to get people on our list. So that's definitely been running really, really well.

So the next update I have here is a ClickFunnels landing page that we created for some products on Amazon. This is a strategy we're going to employ now across the board for everything that we're doing in our company. If you're not a ClickFunnels member yet, you can go to EcomCrew.com/clickfunnels. If you sign up under that affiliate link, we will give you these landing pages for free. We can just copy them right over to your account from our count. That's one of the really cool features of ClickFunnels. Any pages that are on your account, you can share them with other people, so Ecomcrew.com/clickfunnels.

So I have this page up on the — again on the live stream. So if you want to see it, you can take a look at it on the live stream, or go back over there if you're not watching it live right now. But basically we're just offering one of our products at a deep discount. This one that I'm showing is 50% off. We've been testing it with 50%, 40%, 25% etcetera. We're probably going to settle on something in the 25 to 40% range.

The 50% off offers end up not being verified reviews which we knew going into it. But we were looking to get some traction here for this particular product. And basically what we have here is a box to give us your e-mail address, enter in the code, and we will email you the code for the 50% off offer, and then we have a thank you page which I’ll show here in just a second. And if you scroll down this page, it shows some functionality or some highlights of this product. You can see here if you're looking at it on the live stream or watching the video, we just kind of hit on some of the key aspects of this particular product.

And our goal is to design one of these pages for basically every product that we're selling on Amazon in the end, or at least the ones that seem to make the most sense. And then the thank you page, here's kind of the key to all this. The thank you page has some scarcity; it shows that this is today only. There is a link here to go to Amazon.com. This is an affiliate link that we're using, so we're actually capturing affiliate revenue through this promotion.

We've made about 1,000 bucks so far this month. And what I mean in a full month, just sending affiliate traffic through this link, and it's a little bit on the grey hat, and it has a super URL. It's a URL that goes to a particular search term we're trying to rank for, a particular term in this space for ColorIt pencils and this particular product. We have full instructions here. People aren't the smartest in the world when it comes to using the internet; let’s just put it that way. We get a lot of crazy questions.

So we make it as simple as possible, add it to your cart, next step you can put other things on your order if you want, you don't have to just buy this one product to get free shipping if you're not prime. Here's the actual code you use to get the offer, here's where to put the coupon code in the box, and here's what it looks like once it's been applied. And it’s just again step by step, so you can't screw it up although I'm sure people still can't figure it out. We get questions on this stuff all the time, how come I can't get this to work on ColorIt.com even though we say you must buy this on Amazon.com.

So people out there they don't read and they still don't quite figure it out. But the end result of this is, it’s been absolutely staggering. The first product that we tested this on was something that we just weren't really getting any traction on. And by running this promotion and getting the additional sales day in and day out, we've been able to increase our best seller ranking, and our overall organic sales on this product dramatically. So we've now, again we're going to work on employing the strategy not only on products that aren’t doing very well, but on products that do well, and try to even get them up a notch, and try to increase those organic rankings. You know things that might be ranking on the second page right now that get us sales consistently, but if we can get it to the first page by doing this type of strategy, it's definitely worth it.

So again if you aren't already a ClickFunnels member, you can go to EcomCrew.com/clickfunnels. That is an affiliate link just so you know. We always like to make sure that that's disclosed. But if you do that, sign up through our link, we will give you these pages for free, we’ll copy them over, and you can use them in your own business. They're definitely really impactful, and we're excited about the future with that.

So the next thing we talk about is the ColorIt Ultimate Jackpot Contest that we've been running. We’re about 18 days into this. We ran an experiment this month, just like really ratcheting up the level that we're doing with our contest for ColorIt, and we're probably going to again replicate this across the board in other parts of our business because it has been working so well. This has been the most successful contest we've ever run, and we’re only 18 days into this. We've gotten thousands upon thousands of people signed up to this.

So we're doing two things. We're doing a nightly giveaway, and we're doing a big prize at the end. So we're incorporating two strategies into one here, and we're using ManyChat as the initial sign up for this. You can go to contests.com/ColorIt to sign up for it, but we actually have all of our ad campaign set up to do it through ManyChat, so incorporating two different things in here at once. I was talking on ManyChat on another episode. We've now gone up to 8,000 people signed up to our ManyChat list.

ManyChat is a way to get people on a Facebook Messenger list. I think of it the same way that you have an email list, except these are people that you can message right within Facebook. So we have over 8,000 people now that we can message directly from Facebook about, or whatever it is that we want to e-mail them about, new products or whatever it might be. Really, really powerful–the open rates are substantially higher than e-mail, and it's just a place that everyone's at.

It's pretty hard to ignore a Facebook message. I mean it comes right up on your phone, makes a noise like it’s on your home screen. When you go into Facebook, it's really prevalent. So we're using this for a lot of things on our business now to build our list across the board with ManyChat. Lots of strategies there with ManyChat to build a list, and one of them has been this Ultimate Jackpot Giveaway. So we have ads that are running, that are Facebook Messenger ads that says, click this button to send us a message. And when they do that, it triggers ManyChat to say, hey thanks for your interest in the Ultimate Jackpot Giveaway, just type the word jackpot to enter.

When they type that in, because they've now communicated with us, they're automatically subscribed to our list. So as soon as they type the word jackpot in, they're automatically subscribed. And then we send them a message to say, hey, go to contest.colorit.com to sign up, and then we get their email address as well. So we have them both on email and on ManyChat, just many more ways to communicate with them. So that is kind of the update on ManyChat.

The next thing I want to talk about is our Philippine’s team, and it's actually interesting somebody just left a comment in here on the Facebook Live asking about this. So good timing, I was going to talk about this anyway. But we are now up to eight people out there in the Philippines. We have full time writers, graphics people, general VAs, a manager, and I'm really excited about our team there. Again they're all located in Cebu City in the Philippines, it’s I think the third largest city in the Philippines.

We have our own office there where they all come to every day so they can collaborate, and there's just a camaraderie now between everyone there, and we just have a great manager that manages that team, and they’ve become just kind of the linchpin for our business now. We're able to get so much more done especially as we continue to expand into multiple brands and everything, they've just been awesome. They handle all of our support, all our social media interactions whether it's Facebook comments, or all the chats that they we’re getting now, and they just they just do a bang up job.

Plus as I mentioned Tactical.com is written completely by our team out there in the Philippines. We have another site in the baby niche which I'll talk about later that we're going to be launching before the end of this year that is also being written by a Filipino on our team over there, and she's just doing an awesome job. I'm really, really excited about that, and excited about the prospects of where we can go with the team out there. I think that by the end of the year we certainly should be at ten people, maybe even higher, and certainly sometime next year be even 20 people out there, just managing all these different things that are so tedious to deal with. But they just do a great job, and really shine there.

We are actually going back out to visit the team in person, which I'm really excited about. Between phase two and three of the Canton fair, so I’ll be out in China, get out there, and between those two phases I’m going to hop on a plane and head over and visit our team in the Philippines. We actually have four people from our organization going over there which I'm really excited to talk about, and talk to them about. So yeah, that's our Philippines team update.

The next one is going to be our new director of e-commerce. It’s awkward talking about her while she's in the room. We have a small office here, and we're sharing an office until we expand our facility here. But we have a new director of commerce. I talked about this hire for a very long time. I’m very excited to have her on board. Her name is Jacqueline; you'll be hearing a lot about her, probably have her on some future episodes talking about some of the things that we're doing.

But she comes to us previously from Sony with a lot of experience over there. I think she was there for eight years, and recently graduated from the MBA program. So we’re definitely excited to have her on board. it's been a little embarrassing telling her about all the things that are wrong with our business the first couple weeks here, but we have hired her as a soldier to help fix those things. I've been very open about this on the podcast. I mean we've made it to become like a 5 million dollar company through brute force, but now I think it's kind of at the point where we’re that size in spite of ourselves more than anything else.

So we want to kind of fix those things, get more organized as we continue to grow to that ten million dollar level that we plan on being at next year, or even higher. And obviously as we continue to grow, we need to grow up in the way that we do things. And it's not always fun having to put everything in the base camp as we do things. We’ll have to have meetings and get more official, but it's stuff that’s going to take a lot further. So I'm really excited about this hire, she's going to actually be joining us on the trip to Asia. So she's going to be over there with me and Michelle for about two weeks, going to a couple of days of phase two, and then meeting our team in the Philippines which I think will really help strengthen that relationship since she's never met them, and then we’re going to do phase three.

And our goal next year is to launch an average of like one product per week, and obviously and do that in a streamlined and efficient manner, which is the opposite of the way that we've been doing it. We did streamline in an efficient manner probably for about the first five to ten products. It seemed so simple, but when you start doing things that scale, and you kind of – once you launch those ten products, and then it's 20, then it’s 30, then those products then require a bunch of your time to manage. And then as you're launching new products, and the new ones come in, you take the eye off the ball in some capacity somewhere in your business. And that's really one of things that we're looking at fixing.

And I already mentioned the China trip that was next thing on my list here. Yeah, we're going to be heading back over to Asia. I’ll be there October 11th through November 4th. So if anyone's out in Asia during that time, please shoot me a message, definitely look forward to meeting you, obviously do everything I can to meet as many e-commerce people as I can. While we’re over in Asia, having dinner or lunch or something with other e-commerce people helps break up the day, and the monotony of the of the Canton Fair, and all the things you kind of got to deal with while you're over there.

Just as a reminder, I will be speaking at Global Sources over in Hong Kong, October 17th through 19th. I’ll be speaking twice, once on the 17th, and once on the 19th. If you come to the Global Sources, you can use our code 3EC50. That's 3, E as in e-commerce, C as in crew, 50, 3EC50. And that will get you fifty bucks off your entry to the Global Sources Summit, which is a three day summit I guess probably that’s where they put it before the Global Sources Electronic and Gifts Fair, so that it combines together. It's both an educational seminar, kind of a 30 minute to an hour lectures on all kinds of things in importing land, in the importing world.

It's really a conference focused on importing, not necessarily just selling on Amazon or something like that. It's really focused on importing and developing products. And then right on the heels of that, they have the Global Sources Fair, which is at that time geared towards electronics and the gifts and premium world. So I definitely encourage you guys to come out to China or to Hong Kong during those dates, and if you're there, definitely look to catch up with you. And if you want to go again you can use the code E – I'm sorry 3EC50 for entry into the Global Sources Summit at a $50 discount.

All right, so the last update I want to make is probably the biggest one which is our 3PL, third Party Logistics project. This is something that I've been talking about for a very long time on this podcast. It's some time a couple of months ago, maybe three, four months ago now even, the realization that our lease is running out here at the end of this year. We do have an option to extend for another two years, what do we do at this point? Do we move to a larger warehouse? Man we've completely outgrown where we're at, so do we go from 3,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet, and take on all that additional overhead? Do we move to just a Class A office space, and ditch on the other extreme, just ditch fulfillment altogether?

I mean again I don't think that our core competency is fulfillment, and I don't think that we should be doing shipping as a company as much as we have been. And we've already offloaded a lot of that as it is, and that was a great feeling. So do we take that to the other extreme and just go to a Class A office space, and eliminate all shipping, and have a 3PL of some sort doing all of our shipping for us? And the end result after evaluating about 15 3PL companies, and all these different office situations, funny enough was to basically end up staying exactly where we're at.

It wasn't a decision that came lately. We are out of office space as well here. So what we've decided to do is expand our office blueprint floor space, whatever you want to call it here in our warehouse. We're basically going to encroach on our warehouse space, remove some pallet racks, and add more offices in our current office, current warehouse location, whatever you want to call this particular space. And that would be having more room for people to operate, and not be on top of each other in an uncomfortable environment. And we're also going to add a photo studio and video studio here.

It will shrink our office space – I’m sorry our warehouse space by a little bit, but our overall goal again is to really push things off to a 3PL in general, and have them do most of the shipping. But our overall decision was like, you know what, we have a warehouse, we’re in this location, moving sucks. It's a pain in the butt, something that we don't really want to go through, and we like having the warehouse for back up situations. We actually had one today, I don't need to get on a lot of details on it, but there's times where things come up here like, oh crap like I need to figure out a way to fix this problem. And if you have product in your warehouse and people that can solve the problem, you can actually solve the problem. But if you get away from that completely, then you're relying on someone else to take care of every single problem, every single situation.

So we decided we’d like having returns still to come back here to us so we can inspect them, deal with the returns, we like having our own warehouse to deal with the outlier issues that happen. There's not a lot of them, but they definitely come up, and they can cause problems. And it's nice being able to brute force our way through those issues. And then on the fulfillment side, this was not something I really saw coming, but we ended up deciding and stick with fulfillment by Amazon.

I mean the end result; the reality is that they are the cheapest game in town. And as much as I think that there is a possibility of them one day just saying, you know what, we're going to stop this program, I don't think it's coming anytime soon. And the biggest reason that I don't think it's going to happen, they said so publicly first of all, but of course I don't necessarily trust that too much, they can say whatever they want, and then change their mind a couple days later if they wanted. But they’ve actually changed the pricing structure for fulfillment by Amazon for merchants fulfilled orders in our favor with the exception of media items, which unfortunately we do sell books.

So we took a little bit of a hit fulfilling book orders. We can't do those through media anymore, but everything else is cheaper. There isn't a 3PL that can touch them. I mean I just — I looked, again we looked at all of them. Dan did a big project evaluating every 3PL out there that we could find to get our hands on to look at, and Amazon's at least 50%, like of everyone else out there. But when you add in all the fees, looking at it cumulatively, storage fees, pick and pack, and shipping fees, Amazon is just cheaper, and they're better. I mean they have warehouses all over the country, and we're already selling on Amazon.

So we're using the same pool of inventory. We’re already having a hard enough time keeping inventory as it is. It is trying to have it in another location on top of that just adds another layer of complexity that we just didn't want to have to deal with. So I encourage you to look at Amazon's fees, you can go look at — just do a fulfillment order directly from your back end. I think that's the only way that I know how to find out exactly what they charge, but they are cheap. They're all in cost to just fill something like our gel pens set is less than what we just pay for shipping. And that shipping Priority Mail which is incredibly cheap as it is. They actually can ship that cheaper.

They advertise it as something like four to ten days shipping, but it almost always arrives in two to three days, because they're shipping from a warehouse that's within just a few miles of people's houses in almost every circumstance. The downside to using Amazon for fulfillment is that they use an Amazon branded box, which drives me absolutely crazy, and the receipt that they put in the box is really poor. It's just like on this really cheap quality thermal paper, and I really hate that experience. But the cost savings is real, and if we change to another 3PL to do all this fulfillment, we would have to raise our prices significantly just to make up for that.

So yeah, we’re going to stick with Amazon, that's the end result is Amazon fulfillment at least for now for the foreseeable future. I can't see anything that's going to derail that other than them just cancelling the program. We're also going to be using Amazon fulfillment internationally, Canada, UK, EU. That's kind of our long term plan to get our products into Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon EU, and then be able to use fulfillment by Amazon in those countries to sell on our own website. So we can actually lower our shipping cost to the customer substantially, and it will be shipping from the proper country.

So if someone in the UK orders, they’re not going to get stuck with a big tax bill, and a big shipping bill. We think that this is a huge opportunity for our international expansion long-term. So that's what we ended up with. It wasn't probably as exciting or as you were hoping. I think a lot of people — we had a lot of e-mails coming in all the time, which 3PL are you going to use, which 3PL are you going to use? I can tell you that all the ones that we evaluated, Dan and I both agreed that ShipBob and Fulfillment Works were our two favorite. If we were forced to pick one, at the end of the day it would be one of those two over all the other ones that we evaluated.

They had multiple locations, and just seemed to be the most eager to work with us and had the best pricing. So if you are looking for a 3PL, I would start there. This is not an endorsement of them. We haven't used them or anything, so I don't have an affiliate type relationship with them; it’s just our honest feedback of who we found after months of research and talking to these people.

So that was last of it guys. I made it right under the 30 minute mark. I don't know how I got all that in 30 minutes, but I'm excited to answer the questions that are in the Facebook live chat window. So as a reminder, if you ever want to join us on Facebook Live, these go out most Mondays at two pm-ish, I like to say ish because they're not on an exact schedule. But two pm-ish Pacific Time on Mondays except for Mondays when I'm traveling, which will be next Monday and obviously several Mondays in October and November as I do this Asia trip.

But for the most part we've been really good about doing Facebook lives, and I encourage you to go to Facebook.com/EcomCrew, hit the like button. You’ll get a notification then when we do go live. And, well go back and watch this video over again, you can see some of the pages I was showing you. You can do that any time at Facebook.com/EcomCrew.

So that's it for this week guys. Hope you're having a good week, hope you're getting ready for the Christmas season, and looking forward to chat anybody here in the comments now, and we'll talk to you next week.

Outro: Thanks for listening to the EcomCrew Podcast. Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/EcomCrew for weekly live recordings of the EcomCrew Podcast every Monday. And please do us a favor and leave an honest review on iTunes; it will really help us out. Again, thanks for listening, and until next week, happy selling!

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