We recorded the intros in our Philippines office during our Asia trip. Our office is not optimized for recording; apologies for the bad audio quality.

Last Monday, Kevin and I talked about one of the biggest problems most small ecommerce entrepreneurs encounter: becoming a bottleneck to the growth of their own company. This is something that usually happens when we try to do the unthinkable, which is to do every single task on our own.

Naturally, the best way to solve this is delegation. You can try to be as efficient and productive as you want, but there will only by 24 hours in a day and one body to work with. But how can you find someone you can trust enough and can perform tasks as good as you do without breaking the bank?

That is the question we answer in this episode, which is Part 2 of last Monday’s conversation. Kevin and I discuss my VA hiring process, from weeding out spam applications (or applications of people who don’t read, which is a lot), what questions to ask, the tests we require applicants to take, training, and how to manage them once they’re hired. Ultimately, we talk about how to find a VA who is smart and quick on their feet, who will help him grow his company.

Some conversation points:

  • Red flags when hiring VAs
  • Filtering irrelevant applications
  • My hiring process
  • What questions to ask during the interview process
  • What kind of experience to look for
  • Using Camtasia as a training tool
  • Best practices when delegating tasks to a VA

Delegating is not easy, especially if you’re assigning tasks to a person who is literally on the other side of the globe. But if you find someone trustworthy and smart, delegation will work wonders not just on your stress levels, but on your business in the long run.

Resources mentioned:

EcomCrew webinar
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Sellers Summit

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