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E144: A Train Ride Through Asia

Here's something you don't hear about very often: me and Dave sitting side by side on a train heading to China talking about EcomCrew.

With me being based in the US and Dave in Canada (and Dave most recently living in China for the last 8 months), communication has not been very easy. We had to deal with time zones and dropped calls, making it hard for Dave to be on the podcast with me (he doesn't like being on the podcast very often in the first place, making it a lot harder).

Our trip to Asia was very productive not just for our respective businesses but for EcomCrew as well, as it gave time for me and Dave to be in the same place and talk about EcomCrew in real time. One of these moments was during a train ride from Hong Kong to Guangzhou on our way to the Canton Fair. We decided to record our conversation amidst train noises in the background for your listening pleasure.

Here are some conversation points:

  • Our speaking engagements at the Global Sources Summit
  • How well the first EcomCrew mastermind turned out
  • The Canton Fair we're headed to
  • Our Gentleman's bet
  • Using Jungle Scout not to find products but to do something else
  • Exciting new EcomCrew stuff

Despite the backgound noise of train hums and Chinese chatter, this train ride has been an enjoyable experience–Dave and I even made a gentleman's bet on something in relation the Global Sources Summit. Watch out for the results of the bet in the coming episodes!

Resources mentioned:

Amazon launch strategy webinar
E102: Amazon Product Launch Strategy for 2018
How to Launch a New Brand and Product on Amazon to a New Best Seller
E127: The Importance of Masterminds on Business and Personal Life

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Full Audio Transcript

Mike: This is Mike, and welcome to episode number 144 of the EcomCrew Podcast. Just as a reminder, you can go to to get to the show notes for this episode. And today I have my good buddy and partner in crime, Dave Bryant on the episode with me. We're calling this episode a train ride through Asia.

We left Hong Kong and we’re sitting there and talking about everything we've done up that week so far, and what we are planning on doing over the next week and thought it would be a cool time to turn on the microphones and let people have like a little bit of a microcosm of our trip over to Asia. If you've never been to Asia for the Canton Fair or Global Sources, Hong Kong Mega Show, or any of these over trade fairs or Global Sources Summit which we also just attended, it would be neat to kind of just get a behind the scenes look at it.

Either way, if you've been or not I think it's a cool behind the scenes look. And we try to do different things on the podcast from time to time and this is cool. It's unfiltered, just a train ride from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Hope you guys enjoy this episode.

Mike: All right so we just got on the Intercity Through Train getting ready to head to Guangzhou and I have Dave Bryant in the flesh sitting directly to my right. How is the going man?

Dave: Good.

Mike: It's been a couple of days so far. We're also on the train with my wife Michelle and David Quyey [ph] is up on the seat in front of us, but Dave and I decided that this would be a great time to record a podcast, just trying to talk about what we've done so far since we've been here.

Dave: It’s going to be interesting; I don’t know how this is going to come through on here for podcast. We’ve got a lot of background noise here. We have a train loading with dozens of people and on our way to Guangzhou, China.

Mike: Yeah so there's a train called the Intercity through train that goes directly from downtown Hong Kong and Hung Hom over to Guangzhou, something I didn't know about the first night I came over here which is a long story in itself. But the cool thing is that we’re staying right next to the new train station building. Supposedly there’s two and a half hour journey, and they get cut down to like 45 minutes which is kind of cool.

Dave: Yeah. It's kind of funny actually, the one time I went over to Guangzhou, I took the metro to Shenzhen, and then for some reason I took the train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou and it was like a five hour journey.

Mike: Yeah, so I've done that a few times. There's a really funny story about that that I could tell on over time, but I was not expecting that what I was getting myself into was kind of funny.

Dave: Now I'm curious to hear that story.

Mike: All right, I’m going to tell you the story. So it turns out when I first went out about the inner city through train, I went from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and I bought my tickets online. And you go to the train station to pick up your tickets no problems at all. So doing the same thing in reverse, I bought the tickets online and went to the train station in Guangzhou. And it turns out like you can only pick up your train tickets for this train in Hong Kong. So I was like wait a second, let me make sure I understand this correctly, you want me to go to go back to Hong Kong and pick up my train tickets and come back to Guangzhou so I can use them.

Dave: I remember hearing about this thing during the mastermind that we were doing with a couple of other guys, and I remember the frustration that you had.

Mike: Yeah so this is when we coined the phrase don't ask why, because that's the only way that you can explain some things in China. It's like how come I can't pick up the tickets in Guangzhou? Don't ask why. How come I can't get a napkin with my meal in China? Don't ask why. And it's like all these like little idiosyncrasies in China that don't make any sense to us Westerners, so we have the phrase don't ask why.

Dave: Yeah. I mean the train system in Hong Kong is like even though we're going to China, the train system in Hong Kong is easier than in China, because like you mentioned in China you buy a ticket online, you have to go wait in a line probably about an hour at Guangzhou train station. You wait in line, you wait there, you wait there, then you realize you're in the wrong line. And then eventually you get your train ticket, you missed your train. And yeah it's much, much easier.

Mike: So what actually happened to us in Shanghai because everything there's nothing in English really in China which is one of the frustrating things.

Dave: They are getting better, they actually have a — so I went there to train station, they had English scrolling along the little billboard on public booth, very cool.

Mike: So we've been here for – I guess it's been about a week. I lose track of time, everything becomes a blur, but I feel like it's been about a week when we first got here to Hong Kong. And it's been a lot of fun. Obviously like whenever we get together, we always find a way to have fun especially when we stepped out of [inaudible 00:05:22]. We’ll talk about that night in a little bit here. But we got here, did Global Sources which was awesome, got to get that out of the way first thing because I always feel stressed about speaking. So I was the second speaker and you were the third speaker.

Dave: I know, well least you have a little bit more preparation speaking to a larger audience. That was by far my biggest audience I spoke to. I kind of joked that my biggest audience before then was the best friend's wedding with 25 friends in the audience. Yeah it was definitely nerve wracking for me, and we’ll see a lot more polish and experience from me.

Mike: Well, I still get the butterflies but it was a lot of fun. I was looking forward to it because I did kind of a new style of my presentation with some minimalistic slides. So we will see how all that goes.

Dave: Mike says minimalistic. It was very, very minimalist.

Mike: Yeah, I have been reading some stuff about presenting, and my old presentations always had lots of bullet points and information in them because I like to over deliver whenever I do anything and just kind of like overachieve. And I thought that that was one of the ways to do it. But after talking to a lot of people they tell you that you should have less and less slides and less is more, and have people focused on you rather than the slides.

Dave: Yeah, I think it went well actually. It definitely points to kind of all the emphasis on the speaker. So you can’t fall back on the slides and allow them to — I’d like to hear as our buddy here is getting the finger pointed at him to get a feeling of the training.

Mike: He got the no, no, no, no, we can’t take pictures. So that's the end of the video portion of the content we are hoping to do today. But I guess they don't know that we're recording this, so hopefully we won’t get in trouble for that. Not that I don't know that there would be anything wrong with it anyway.

Dave: But anyways back to the slides. Yeah I mean I think the slides went well the minimalist approach, but yeah it definitely puts all the emphasis on the speaker. You can’t pull back on the slides to kind of crack your jokes and educate the audience, so it's all on you.

Mike: Yeah so we were debating about this after the presentation because Global Sources has a ranking system. I'm looking forward to that coming out. And I was mentioning how devastated I would be if your presentation was ranked higher than mine. But you found that it was going to be, so we had to [inaudible 00:07:23] a little. I’m going to put him on the spot here as we’re recording. We should put like a little bet together like a gentlemen's bet on — use the presentation’s rank here.

Dave: Well, I just don’t want to take your money.

Mike: Oh no, you want to take my — let's do one dollar number, one US dollar not a Canadian dollar.

Dave: All right, one dollar.

Mike: One US dollar. So we're going to put this on the podcast later, let people know who you had a higher rank presentation, and hopefully Global Sources will be kind enough to share that information with us. I have to rank Dave. But it's not the dollar; it's having him have this over me forever and ever.

Dave: Well, what was your impression of Global Sources because I loved the conference? My observation though, was that the audience there is going to want more advanced. And I don’t know if that's kind of representative of just the conference in general. For whatever reason they're attracting more advanced crowd, or if simply the successful e-commerce people are just getting more advanced kind of upping their game. Just because I noticed aside from like the product development, there seems to be a lot more emphasis on just kind of stuffing up your game on the marketing end. A big trend I see it over and over again was off Amazon marketing but to your Amazon listing.

Mike: Yeah I definitely think that the — I think that was both the level of speakers was better. I have a feeling I won’t be the top rated speaker any longer. Going back to that again I was lucky enough to get the honor last year which was awesome as I do work hard at it. But yeah there was definitely some really smart people there speaking. But I'd asked a question during my talk about how many people were selling back in 2016 which seems like eons ago at this point, and there was a bunch of hands that went up. So I think that yeah there's more seasoned people coming to Global Sources and coming to these types of conferences.

Dave: Yeah so what do you make of all of the emphasis on off Amazon traffic?

Mike: I think it's the most important thing there is at this point.

Dave: Do you think it's the future?

Mike: I think it's the present honestly. I think that for us, if we did this episode on our 2018 Amazon launch strategy, we’ll link to that on the show notes, but this is something we've been working on for quite a while. I think that the era of me too products and everybody doing the same thing on Amazon and doing all these black hat backdoor tricks is only going to last so long. If you want to build a long term defensible business, I think having off Amazon traffic as an asset is incredibly important. And I think that it's more the present than anything at this point than something in the future.

Dave: Yeah, we just got handed our arrival cards here for China.

Mike: So we've already cleared to go to Hong Kong customs, now we've got to go clear customs in China when we land on the other side here. And this is the abbreviated card. It doesn't have the departure part so we have to fill that out again, that's good times.

Dave: We’ll make our way through that a little latter. But yeah, getting back to the Amazon question about off Amazon traffic, I think there's been kind of this shift. I think three or four years ago it's basically find a product, stick it on Amazon you're okay, it's going to sell. Last year or two definitely a huge emphasis on paid traffic on Amazon.

So if you were not properly utilizing your budgets on Amazon through paid advertising, you weren't going to succeed. And now I think — I don't know if we’re there right now, I think we're definitely going there later in the year. But this emphasis to your needing to drive off Amazon traffic to your Amazon listing primarily it seems through Facebook and ideally stuff that you’ve talked about and I’ve kind of ignored actually, building an email list off of Amazon.

Mike: Yeah I think it's incredibly important that I did a little plug for our launching an Amazon course.

Dave: That wasn’t meant as…

Mike: I know that it wasn’t but I couldn't — the salesman in me couldn't help doing the normal horrible salesperson because that's not how I think. But we do have a whole bunch of stuff about that in the course we're releasing soon, so definitely check that out. So from Global Sources, the thing I also think that is the most enjoyable part of all of it is the people that attend. I mean I love the conversations that we had with several people. I hope to get a few of them on the podcast. But just some obviously like really smart, really fun people to hang out with hanging out at Global Sources along with the speakers but also the attendees.

Dave: Yeah absolutely. I mean that's the one thing I really love about Global Sources is you see a lot of entrepreneurs that you won't see kind of on the circuit down in North America. A lot of the attendees kind of visit the same trade shows. So over here in Asia you see a totally different crowd here.

Mike: There is a crowd of like experts over in Vietnam and [inaudible 00:11:37] I mean really, really neat.

Dave: Yeah it is. A couple of trends I've seen, it seems that a lot of entrepreneurs now are migrating from Thailand over to Vietnam and Cambodia. I met probably two or three entrepreneurs working out of Vietnam. I don't know if that's a money thing and it's cheaper to live in Vietnam, but for whatever reasons, Vietnam is getting the hot spot now for e-commerce.

Mike: Yeah I definitely want to get there. It’ll be my 50th country when I get to another country. I'm stuck at 49.

Dave: You haven’t been to Vietnam?

Mike: I have not been to Vietnam, over here on this side the planet. We've been to China, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, and I think I might just go to Korea. And that sets the pack.

Dave: Interesting. Kind of another trend with Vietnam too we were talking to a couple of the trade show managers at Global Sources and for whatever reason it seems to be another big trend that a lot of Chinese manufacturers now are actually sourcing their products in Vietnam and just the fact…

Mike: Especially textile stuff.

Dave: Yeah especially textile stuff, sometimes illegally. They’re simply having manufacturing done in China and then re-importing into China.

Mike: Yeah we had that conversation of how a lot of factories are kind of cropping up on the Vietnam border. And I guess it’s just kind of shocking supplies across illegally in the middle of the night or something.

Dave: They are not tracking them; they’re putting them on a boat and going up the Mekong.

Mike: Okay interesting. So after Global Sources, the day after that it was time for our Hong Kong mastermind which was a lot of fun. I was really worried when you presented this idea to me that we would have one person show up to this thing, and we would be like this big embarrassment.

Dave: We would have had two, me and you.

Mike: Well besides us and besides my cousin who came as well. But we actually ended up selling this thing out and ended up at the very end turning a couple of people away which is pretty flattering obviously. And it was awesome. We wanted to keep it to 20 people. That way everyone had time to speak and talk about their problems. But yeah let's talk about the mastermind for a second, what came out of that?

Dave: Sure, so we had like a bunch of 20 people, and we just did kind of your typical mastermind format, everyone goes around, they get 20 minutes, they speak, kind of speak about their problems and the whole group tries to give a solution for the question asker. So we definitely had a mixed kind of a people there. We had people I think, a couple of guys who are even more successful than Mike Jackness and a lot of who are more…

Mike: I didn't realize that they even existed.

Dave: I know who would have known. And a ton more ton that are way more successful than me, and people just still kind of trying to get the company up and going.

Mike: Yeah we actually had I think one of the guys that was an eight figure seller which was really cool to get some knowledge from him. And then like I said there was a couple of people on the other end of the spectrum that hadn’t sold anything yet, people of all walks of life in between. But everyone had some really interesting businesses and a couple of them I think got some good advice. So they probably need to switch paths a little bit because they were looking to go down the wrong road which I think was really helpful to them. Everyone was really honest with everyone there, and I think that's what all of us need sometimes.

Dave: Yeah I mean I think the thing that I see with people first starting and they're kind of struggling and it seems that we come across a lot of students or people who come through, oh this is our first event but come to our events. What they're struggling is that they find a product but they don't really necessarily have any passion for or attachment to. They’re simply doing it because they’ve heard from blogs or YouTube that, oh this is a good product that you should go after. It seems that people get stuck there trying to do what everybody else is doing to try to recreate their success, and they don't necessarily follow [inaudible 00:15:13].

Mike: Yeah well maybe they're using something like Jungle Scout which is an amazing tool just to kind of look at numbers only. But like you said you have to have — there's more than numbers in this business.

Dave: Well I think that's the thing actually with Jungle Scout. I think this is where these people kind of go about the wrong ways. So and I use Jungle Scout, I love it and I totally recommend it, but I'm not necessarily using Jungle Scout to look for new products. I've already kind of narrowed down a list of ten or 15 products, and then I'm going on Jungle Scout to see, okay, how much demand…

Mike: It’s more like a validation thing.

Dave: Yeah validation and then also using it to determine how many products you're going to order, that type of thing, but rarely using it to find products.

Mike: Yeah it makes a lot of sense. So yeah so from the mastermind we had offered to buy everyone one meal and the drinks if you want to come over and join us for a beer at 7:00 PM at this really cool bar that we found or that Dave found. I did nothing by the way, thank you very much for lying that whole thing up, because I was like this is going to be a waste of time and no one is going to show up. And then you did all the arrangements and definitely I thank you for that, because it turned out way better than I could ever dream. That was a whole lot of fun.

Dave: Yeah I mean I think it would have been a success regardless because we've organized private masterminds just with friends before and they've always turned out fantastic. So I was sure even if we got two or three people, it would still be beneficial to me, not necessarily from a monetary stand point, yeah it would have been still fine to have four or five of us together and do a mastermind thing, but obviously we got 20 in it turning out even better.

Mike: Yeah for sure. So yeah, as I was saying, we went from there, got everyone a drink on the house, and we bribed everyone that was there with a second drink if you were nice enough to give us a video testimonial. So a few of them did that and it got…

Dave: By that point were a little bit tipsy and the [inaudible 00:16:48] was on us.

Mike: Yeah we forgot to close the tap. But long story short, we ended up getting back to our room I thought it was earlier than it was, but Dave reminded me that I had sent a text at 4:47 AM, that the birds were chirping and the sun was coming up and that was on our way home. So it was a late night.

Dave: The problem is though, Mike doesn’t have any kids. I have kids so we went to bed around 4:35 but when you have this baby brain, no matter what you do, what time you go to bed, you always wake up at the same time every morning. So I went to bed around 5:00 AM and up at 7:30.

Mike: I did not have that problem. I was dead to the world, as they say, or whatever that saying is. So yeah it was a lot of fun. We stayed at that bar for a while, had some food, and chitchat a lot of other really good conversation there. Then the people that were left who wanted a foot massage which is more because when you're over in Asia at least whenever I'm in Asia, that's the first thing I gravitate towards. It's like 20 bucks for an hour for a foot massage and it's quite nice.

And then from there we went over to another bar. We were in the Wuxi [ph] area so everything is open really, really late. And then we went to another bar and the next thing is we were having a second dinner and…

Dave: The bars appeared to be getting shadier and shadier.

Mike: Yeah that’s for sure. But I was noticing that less and less I think by that point of the evening but yeah just a ton of fun. And from there we spent the last couple of days just recording more stuff for EcomCrew. We have some neat stuff coming out. We're going to completely change the way that we do all of our course layouts and stuff now. This is kind of a preview of what we talked about while we were here just kind of when we did our own personal mastermind. It was Dave, Dave, and me behind the scenes talking about just what we want the future of EcomCrew to be.

And one of the things we've been getting people talking about is just as we lead release more courses, it just gets kind of complicated what courses for our audience. So we're going to working on a new area that basically is just going to be a monthly membership fee that unlocks everything. And we’ll be releasing that here pretty soon which would be cool. But I think the idea is for one fee you get all the content we've ever done, all the content we ever will do along with some webinars monthly that will be private to the members of that. And I'm excited to see where that kind of goes from here.

Dave: Yeah I mean I think the thing with Amazon teaching in general or whatever you want to call teaching, blogging, podcasting, just like there's a ton of more competition for products on Amazon, the amount of Amazon information out there is this, the number of competitors is increasing and increasing and increasing. So you're feeling pressure to kind of up your game selling on Amazon, we’re kind of experiencing the same thing just from blogging and podcasting stand point.

This is more pressure on us actually to put out better and better content. So I think it's better for our listeners and readers, but definitely it's causing us to up our game. And I think having more emphasis on continuous content updates and doing it on a more schedule basis whether it's weekly or monthly is better for students and hopefully better for us too.

Mike: Yeah I always talk about how the podcast motivates me to continue to do better for my business. And so no one wants to look like a fool in front of their peers or they will make match or figure out a way to do that all the time anyway. But you’re throwing out your 2018 goals to everybody, you’re telling people you're going to this or the other, and it's hard to come on the podcast install the appliance in and do it. So it definitely keeps me motivated. It's been a lot of fun. But yeah I mean you can't just rest on your laurels and keep on doing the same things though.

Dave: Yeah and I find, again this is kind of the non-monetary benefit we get just like you mentioned. Just kind of when I do a blog post or get with you on air with the podcast kind of talking about my action plan and kind of bringing it out step by step forces me to actually have an action plan. So even if you don't have a blog or a podcast, actually creating an action plan for yourself going forward, it's amazing when you have an actual step by step process that you're planning on executing. It's much better than doing courtesy of your fans.

Mike: Yeah for sure I mean there's tens of thousands of people that listen to this now which is pretty awesome. And yeah I don't want to show this in a bad light to them. So it's definitely I thank all you listeners out there for keeping me motivated. And it's one of the things that I've talked about a lot on this podcast is the importance of Masterminds and just peer groups in general. Obviously like I don't get to meet a lot of the people that listen to the podcast but I do meet a lot of people that listen to the podcast. But having that peer group really help keep your business on track.

I'm in masterminds myself and the same thing happens. We set goals and I sure as heck don't want to go in front of them and say, I didn’t get this done this month as much as I don't want to talk about how I didn’t get something on the podcast. So it's something that you need to incorporate into your life if you haven't already done so.

Ecommerce Fuel forum is another great place to do that if you haven't already joined. I talk about that all the time because even just posting stuff on the forum is a good way to start meeting people and they can set you up in the mastermind, they can get you started if you haven't done stuff like that. So yeah, definitely something really important in business.

Dave: Yeah I mean just kind of on that note too, one of the most dynamic and interesting people I've met this trip actually was a shout out to David Haase [ph]. And it's funny he's literally met I think every person I've ever met in ecommerce…

Mike: He’s actually really incredible.

Dave: His network is absolutely huge to quote Donald Trump.

Mike: You missed the accent there

Dave: I know my Canadian look there. But he’s grown this network of an enormous amount of entrepreneurs and his business is like going through the roof at sky high pace. So there’s definitely a connection there between how many people you know, how connected you are within the e-commerce or entrepreneurial community, and how fast your business grows.

Mike: I couldn't agree more. So yeah that brings us to this train ride. As we mentioned on the top of this podcast, we're on a train heading at 150 kilometers an hour or whatever that is right now towards the Chinese border. And we’ll be in Guangzhou I guess around ten o'clock tonight, grab some sleep, and tomorrow is Canton Fair phase two for us, right?

Dave: Yeah looking forward to it.

Mike: So the main reason we're going actually to Canton Fair tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be filled with a lot of filming. We're going to really up our content for the Canton Fair for EcomCrew, for the podcast, for some tips we're going to record video content. Dave is going to up some other, the written content that he's done. We'll get some pictures. Hopefully it won’t be like this train right where they tell us we can take pictures. I hope it's not that type of thing. That would really kind of put a damper on it.

But the Canton Fair is the largest trade fair anywhere in the world. It's three phases. It's an enormous. I'm going personally less for looking for products. It's not that I have in the past to try to document more because we've already developed a lot of relationships. So for me, the trip more than anything is documenting stuff for EcomCrew and then meeting with existing factories.

Dave: Yeah absolutely. And that’s kind of how I've approached the Canton Fair for quite a few years, looking for products a little bit but more than anything meeting suppliers, meeting other entrepreneurs. It's a great place to kind of network and just to maintain existing relationships, still good for finding products. It's becoming a little bit saturated now with different e-commerce entrepreneurs, different Amazon sellers, but still it is not hard enough if you know what you're looking for, still a lot of different products and different ideas you can find there.

Mike: Yeah I think that we've found at this point probably three quarters or more of our products through the Canton Fair. So it's been an incredible resource for us. But again it's — I feel like now we've kind of saturated over, it's been three years of going there about two times a year and it's basically a repeat. The people that are there are the same people on the same spot. You can remember like, oh I remember that guy being in that booth, or like I being in that booth a lot at a certain point. And that was fine when we were adding more brands, but now that we've kind of settled on our four brands IceWraps, ColorIt, WildBaby and Tactical that we've been through all those parts of the fair and just going back and forth in a certain team fashion looking for more things for those brands is starting to run dry a little bit.

Dave: Yeah and when you kind of build a network of suppliers, you can milk those suppliers quite a bit for sourcing your new products and sometimes there's no need to find a new supplier to create X, Y and Z product. You can just lean on your current suppliers and use them, and cut down all the lead time, you have had trust there, you'd probably get better prices. So that's what I'm doing when I can. I’ll lean on my current suppliers to develop my new products. And then when all else fails, attend a show like Canton Fair or another easy trade show that definitely lots of other trade shows in China, Canton Fair a great starting point, but check out some of the other shows too.

Mike: Yeah. Speaking about shows and we're going to depart and head our separate ways after tomorrow night. So we'll get a full day together at the Canton Fair. I'll get into Guangzhou [ph] and from there we’ll do one more day of Canton Fair phase two. And then we’ll actually like I mentioned we take this opportunity to visit factories. So we have a couple of factories to go visit. Dave is going to come with me, the other Dave 2.0 or Dave point five, I don’t know which way we should look at that, but the other Dave will be coming to go visit the factory.

We will be looking at sawing factories to be making some bags and stuff that does things for us. And that's in Shenzhen which is a city geographically basically right in between Guangzhou which is where the Canton Fair is and Hong Kong.

Dave: The one that we're going through as we’re crossing over the border.

Mike: Yeah so probably the internet no longer works as of this very moment which is frustrating probably. But yeah so we’ll go to Shenzhen, hang out there for one night and a full day, and then head down to Hong Kong to do the Hong Kong Mega Show.

Dave: Yeah and for me is on a plane back to Beijing, visit family up there and then finally after eight months back home to Vancouver.

Mike: Well it's been good hanging out with you. We got one more full day. We will all be doing lots of Canton Fair stuff. But I hope we get you back on the podcasting soon.

Dave: Yeah absolutely. And hey we went 24 minutes and 20 seconds without having security come by and shut us down, so pretty good.

Mike: Yeah perfect. All right, let’s upload this before they take it from us. All right man, thanks for hanging out.

Dave: Yeah thanks.

Mike: And that's a wrap folks. I hope you guys enjoyed our 30 minute snippet of a train ride from Hong Kong going to Guangzhou. It was a great trip. I always love seeing Dave. It never is never enough time. But Dave is getting ready to head back from China finally to Vancouver which I am looking forward to because we’ll finally be on the same time zone and I won’t have to deal with Chinese internet anymore when communicating with him.

That's probably the most frustrating thing about being in China specifically is just dealing with the filtered internet. And sometimes it's better than others, and sometimes it's worse than others. But it's always a problem and definitely looking forward to having Dave back not only on the same time zone but in a way that I can communicate with him without having to listen to fix rated conversations or drop calls or things like that. So hopefully we'll get a lot more done over the next few months with EcomCrew.

Just a reminder for the show notes. We'd love to hear from you. We love getting comments from our listeners. And until the next episode everybody happy selling, and we'll talk to you then.

Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.

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