Here’s something you don’t hear about very often: me and Dave sitting side by side on a train heading to China talking about EcomCrew.

With me being based in the US and Dave in Canada (and Dave most recently living in China for the last 8 months), communication has not been very easy. We had to deal with time zones and dropped calls, making it hard for Dave to be on the podcast with me (he doesn’t like being on the podcast very often in the first place, making it a lot harder).

Our trip to Asia was very productive not just for our respective businesses but for EcomCrew as well, as it gave time for me and Dave to be in the same place and talk about EcomCrew in real time. One of these moments was during a train ride from Hong Kong to Guangzhou on our way to the Canton Fair. We decided to record our conversation amidst train noises in the background for your listening pleasure.

Here are some conversation points:

  • Our speaking engagements at the Global Sources Summit
  • How well the first EcomCrew mastermind turned out
  • The Canton Fair we’re headed to
  • Our Gentleman’s bet
  • Using Jungle Scout not to find products but to do something else
  • Exciting new EcomCrew stuff

Despite the backgound noise of train hums and Chinese chatter, this train ride has been an enjoyable experience–Dave and I even made a gentleman’s bet on something in relation the Global Sources Summit. Watch out for the results of the bet in the coming episodes!

Resources mentioned:

Amazon launch strategy webinar
E102: Amazon Product Launch Strategy for 2018
How to Launch a New Brand and Product on Amazon to a New Best Seller
E127: The Importance of Masterminds on Business and Personal Life

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