When you’re just starting as an ecommerce seller, do you improve your Amazon listing first or get started on Facebook ads? There’s no right or wrong order here. The main thing to remember is that you need to plan out how you can get both done at some point. In this episode, we’re gonna tackle the Facebook side of things.

As you may recall, I had my good friend Dave Huss join me in a previous podcast to talk about building a Facebook audience. I’ve had the chance to sit and have a chat with him again. And this time around, we’ll be focusing on creating a Facebook page and being able to optimize it for engagement.

If you’re new to Facebook, find the quickest way you can earn from it. Remember, it’s always good to have another revenue stream outside of Amazon.

Here are some detailed steps you can follow.


1. Ask yourself why people should care about your page. Based on your answer, pick the best niche that represents your product. Don’t be afraid to go really specific, like creating a page dedicated to French cooking.
2. Select about 30 pieces of relevant content. You can use a tool like Buzzsumo to do this. If it’s too costly a tool, you can do the research yourself.


3. Post or schedule posts 2-3 times initially. If you don’t see traction on your posts within a couple of days, change something up.
4. Boost some of the posts to your core audience.
5. Try to get people to like the page.
6. Do a giveaway to get people on your Messenger list.

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