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E243: 2019 Goals – Q1 Recap

Before I hop on a plane to Asia, I thought it would be a good time to do a review of those goals I made for myself at the start of the year.

  1. Sell a brand. We already did this. ColorIt is officially no longer ours. We’ll be discussing the sale in a series of separate podcasts which is definitely something I'm looking forward to.
  2. Position another brand for sale in late 2020. All of our brands now have their own LLCs. I don’t know which brand it will be, but we plan to figure this out in the middle of this year. We’ll start thinking about this now in anticipation that we will be in a better spot with whatever brand we’ll be letting go of next year.
  3. Getting back to location independence. Now that ColorIt’s off our plate, it’s allowed us to move everything to a 3PL and shut down our California warehouse. It’s also allowed me to start filming episodes of EcomCrew Roadshow.
  4. Reducing debt to zero dollars. We have completed the first step of this. ColorIt’s sale has allowed us to pay all of our business debt. We are working on clearing our mortgage by the end of this year.
  5. Hike the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. This will be happening in August and I’ve already started training for it and doing 5-mile walks.
  6. Take at least 10 weeks of personal travel. We’ll be going to Japan and I’m super looking forward to going to Tokyo. We’ll have three full days to spend there. That comes after going to Hong Kong for the Mastermind and Global Sources Summit and the Philippines to visit my team. 
  7. Record 6 or more episodes of the EcomCrew Roadshow. Two of those are already done. We’re planning to do at least four more.
  8. Invest in at least 1 ecommerce business. This is either going to be investing in something that can be a great story for EcomCrew or starting something new. Whatever it is, it will be a transparent case study for all of us to learn from.
  9. Lose 10 more pounds. The plan is to lose about a pound a month. I’m pretty convinced that I’ve lost some weight, although I would need to confirm that with a weighing scale.
  10. Visit the Philippines office in 2019. I’m gonna be there for two full weeks at the end of the month and at the beginning of May.
  11. Start selling our services for EcomCrew. We haven’t started on this yet as staff members working for ColorIt were transferred as part of the sale. But the plan is to offer extra services to EcomCrew Premium members to give them the push they need to grow their businesses, at a minimal cost.  The hope is to launch it this year.
  12. Significantly improve the quality of the podcast. Abby is doing pre-interview stuff to send over to me so I’m more prepared to do each episode. We also have a job offer out for a full-time video and audio editor.
  13. Film season 2 of 5 Minute Pitch. This will be happening in August. We’ll be filming in Austin for a week. We’re planning to change the format for this new season based on the things we’ve learned from the first one.
  14. Break each of our brands out into different companies. This is done but we’re still in the middle of the repercussions of this move. We are still working on making things as organized as they can be.
  15. Start hosting in-person events for EcomCrew. This year, we’re going to do at least two. We’ll then do another one in Vancouver in the summer.
  16. Speak at 6 industry events. I think I’m already signed up for maybe 8 events at this point.
  17. Shift to doing things that only bring me immense personal fulfillment. This is a continuing journey but I am particularly enjoying the things I’m currently doing for EcomCrew. With Under the Hood and now with the Roadshow, I’ve had the chance to do this from a more personal level.
  18. Do intermittent fasting for all of 2019 (and eat less meat). I’ve been able to keep at this for the most part of the quarter.
  19. Not to drink the rest of 2019. I have done this but with one exception – a glass of champagne when we closed on ColorIt.

That’s where I’m at. You can review the first episode of my goals for 2019 by clicking on the link below.

Full Audio Transcript

Mike: This is Mike and welcome to episode number 243 of the EcomCrew Podcast, so great to have you along with us today. Recording this from San Diego, getting ready to hop on a plane to go to Seattle, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico City, Miami, back to Mexico City then back to San Diego, going to be a long couple of months, but also a fun couple of months. I'm really looking forward to it. And so before hopping on the plane and realizing already it is the end of the first quarter, I thought it'd be a good time to do a first quarter goals review. 

We try to do this every quarter. It’s a tradition on the EcomCrew Podcast. We have 19 goals for 2019. So I do want to recap those on this podcast. Before getting into that, if I could take a moment and ask you for two minutes of your time to go over to iTunes and leave a review. It is really helpful. We put out all these podcasts for free. We don't have any expectation of anything in return except for you to leave us a review. That's the only thing we ask, and we will continue to do this podcast, really appreciate the reviews. 

The reviews help get us to rank higher in iTunes, which gets us more exposure for EcomCrew, which keeps us motivated to do this because obviously, the bigger the numbers get, the more fun it is to do it. And I think all of us entrepreneurs can relate to that. So that's the one thing that really helps us. And if you could go leave a review over on iTunes, it would definitely be greatly appreciated. All right, right on the other side of this break, we're going to dig into the 2019 goals.

All right guys, 2019 goals episode coming up recap style here first quarter, what have we done, what have we not done, what's been working, what hasn't been working? The theme for 2019 if you remember is less is more and to double down on EcomCrew. And finally, just focus on me a little bit more. I think that it's easy when you're running the business and got a lot going on in your life; a lot of other things come first. And we definitely want to do some more focusing on personal development and health and other things for me. And those are the three things in 2019 are the overarching themes. So let's go through the 19 goals. 

The first one was to sell a brand in 2019. And I haven't even been able to talk about this on the podcast until now. But that actually has happened. There will be lots of content on that on the podcast here over the next month or two as we talk about the aftermath of selling a brand. But we have sold ColorIt which is pretty exciting. It happened fairly quickly. There will be tons of content about that, again, on the podcast. It was a seven figure deal. We're really excited about it. It's going to allow us again to focus on this less is more thing and also be able to do more for EcomCrew. 

I'm very excited about it. And as of recording this, it's officially closed and done. Again, there'll be tons of content on this, I'm sure you guys have lots of questions of all that. We even have a series with the broker that we closed through, which was Joe at Quiet Light, a couple of episodes about that just kind of digging into the process in detail. But ColorIt officially is no longer ours. Saying that kind of made me feel a little emotional, even just saying that out loud, it's kind of crazy, because it's still new. 

But I'm also excited, and it feels like a chapter has been closed and that we have the ability to start something from scratch and just a few years later sell it for seven figures is just a neat win right? It's a neat thing to say that we did that. And I'm excited to be able to have that on my list of accomplishments in e-commerce. 

Number two was to position a brand for sale in 2020. So this is something that's already kind of in motion. We have broken out all of our companies into their own LLCs now, all of our brands on their own LLC, everything is operating independently. I can definitely say wholeheartedly, I don't know what business we're going to be looking to sell in 2020. But we are definitely going to figure that out by the middle of this year or late this year and be in a position to sell one in 2020 to again work on this less is more thing. I'm hoping that when we do that, we don't have to transfer any staff with this particular sale. I'm going to be thinking about that quite a bit, in terms of which brands to position for sale in 2020. 

But we haven't quite made that decision yet. But again, we're already on the path to do that. So I feel like that that goal is a checkmark in terms of I think we're on the right path. We've done as much as we possibly can three months into the year to complete that goal. All right, number three here is get back to location independence. Selling ColorIt will help with that a lot. ColorIt was about a third of our revenue, but probably about 80% or 90% of my headaches in terms of being able to complete this goal because ColorIt did have — we were still filling some orders from our warehouse and a couple other things of that nature. That's all been moved to a 3PL now. 

We were doing it because we still had a lease that was good through the end of the year. So it's one of these things that we were doing it more out of convenience than out of it making good financial and business sense. But with ColorIt gone and out of the way, it's going to allow us to just shut down our California warehouse, we don't need it anymore. We've moved everything to a 3PL both to help with location independence, but also because the 3PL allows you to expand and contract your business way easier than having four definitive walls in your own warehouse. There were lots of times where we didn't have enough room here, there was lots of times we had too much room, there was employees that were sick or quit or we had a fire or whatever it would be. And there were times where it was just a huge hassle. So having a 3PL do it, I think is the best. 

And moving forward, we are going to do that which will also lead to having more location independence. We've already kind of got a glimpse of that. I was able to do EcomCrew roadshow over the last couple of months traveling around the Southwest. I guess it wasn't two months; it was more like six weeks or whatever it was, but pretty cool stuff being able to be location independent. The business ran fine while I wasn't in the office in California. And right after I record this, I'm hopping on a plane and going to be out of town for another six to eight weeks. And I know everything will just run just smoothly while I'm going which is awesome. 

Obviously I still check in. It's not just checking out and not working at all. It's just location independence. So it's a way that I can go visit other parts of the country, other parts of the world, which is important to me, and continue to run my business effectively. So we're on a good path there. 

Number four, reduce debt to zero. So my goal is to do this throughout our entire lives. Well, we have completed the first step of this, which is reducing business debt to zero. So with the sale of ColorIt, we have now paid off our business loans that we had for inventory, which I've talked about a lot on the podcast. We did finance inventory for the buyer. So we're going to be getting our inventory money back over the next 12 — equal payments over 12 months. But I've paid off all the debt; we have no debt in the business anymore. And that is what feels really great. 

Selling ColorIt wasn't really the thing that feels great to me, not having any debt just based on my personality, that's something that has been stressful for me for the last couple of years really. And not having that over our heads is just awesome to me, because now if the poop really does hit the fan, no matter what that is, whether it's Amazon shutting our account down, or the economy taking a dump or e-commerce changing completely, or some sort of anything else happening in the business, we can get through it because we don't have those debt payments to worry about and our lifestyle payments are very low, because we are minimalist by nature. 

And we have a pretty lean amount of things personally, which I'm going to talk about on this podcast a little bit throughout the year. But it's definitely a great feeling to be there that we've after the last few years especially. So that's like halfway done. We still have the house mortgage, which we're working on fixing up by the end of this year as well so we don't have any personal debt or business debt of any kind, which will be really neat.

Number five, hike the West Coast Trail. That's going to happen in August. So I can't check that off until August but I have been training for it already. I went out and did quite a few hikes on this last trip and trying to walk as much as I possibly can anywhere. I tell people I'm doing a five mile walk and sometimes they look at you like you're crazy. But for me, it's just getting up on my feet, getting more exercise and getting prepared to hike the West Coast Trail is important. And I think it's important to start early to practice for it. So I have been working on that and things are going well there.

Number six, at least 10 weeks of personal travel. I do want to try to visit Iowa and North Dakota this year. I do you want to get down to Guatemala and visit our best friends down there and also visit one new country. So the one new country thing is going to happen first. We're going to Japan as a part of this Asia trip and going to be there for three days, super excited to go to Tokyo. That's been on my list for a very long time. It will be my 50th country, super excited to reach that level. I've been stuck at 49 actually for quite a while. We’ve just been going to the same place over and over again.

So I'm excited about that, super looking forward to going to Tokyo. It's going to be the highlight of the trip I think. Obviously, looking forward to spending some time in Hong Kong, and really looking forward to spending time with my team in the Philippines for two weeks, but also super excited about going to Tokyo something new and exciting. I love sushi. And I'm looking forward to experience also the Japanese culture and all the history there, definitely should be a cool trip. And we have like I said three full days there to experience that. I wish it was longer but that was what we could carve out on this particular trip. 

All right number seven, record six or more episodes of the EcomCrew roadshow. Two of those are already done, excited about that. We're going to do at least four, probably several more of those over the summer as a part of another RV trip. And we kind of have the cities that we're planning on going to already mapped out there. So if you're interested in being interviewed for the EcomCrew roadshow, it's two half days of my time where I'm going to come to you in your location, and interview you about your business and then spend an entire half day helping you with your business, whatever you need. 

There's been a few that I've done so far. There's been accounting, so I went through and completely recreated a company's accounting for them and got them on proper accounting because their accounting was all jacked up and helped them with their numbers and then also helped them plan out what they should work on over the next few years, which is for them was content and things of that nature. So I'm really excited about that. 

And then the other guys I helped, they've already taken a bunch of our advice and doubled or tripled their business and it was fun just going through a list. We had 11 action items for them that were all over the map from helping them get rid of their warehouse to helping them get better supplier relationships etc. So anyway, if you're interested in that,, go sign up for that today. And I look forward to seeing you guys this summer as a part of that road show. 

All right, number eight, invest in at least one e-commerce business. This one is probably the one that's a little bit wishy washy on this list. I've been thinking about this a lot. What's next for me in general, again less is more. So the idea is to slowly shift from having four e-commerce brands to having one e-commerce brand and doing that in a way that doesn't disrupt our staff and our company adversely. So I think that's important, but I want to be doing something that I'm really passionate about. 

And so, the “invest in at least one e-commerce brand” is either going to be investing in something that I think I can turn them around and really have a great story to tell for EcomCrew, or that will be starting something else that I have a personal interest in and documenting that for EcomCrew. But it all comes down to the less is more and doubling down on the EcomCrew thing. So whatever is going to be done is going to be a complete transparent case study for EcomCrew. And that's the goal first and foremost. So we'll see how that invest in one e-commerce business thing happens throughout the rest of the year. I need to make sure it aligns with the doubling down on EcomCrew part.

Lose 10 more pounds. I literally have no idea where this stands. I have not weighed myself this year. I'm having lots of people tell me I look trimmer, which is cool. But I just haven't actually had a chance to weigh myself that I was looking at this goal. But I'm pretty convinced that I’ve lost some weight. As you guys know, one of the goals I have is not to drink. I'll talk about that here. But drinking less has probably helped lose some weight. So that will definitely help.

All right, let's see here number 10 is going to be visit the Philippines office at least once in 2019. That is going to be a checkmark, as long as the plane doesn't go down, which is probably not a funny joke because I’m getting ready to get on the plane. But I'm going to be there for two full weeks this time, which is awesome. Like, it's usually been pretty rushed. I feel like this time we have a lot more time to go over things and do things with that team, which I'm super excited about. And they become a bigger and bigger part of our business, so definitely looking forward to going there and hanging out with them. 

I love how happy they always are. I love just their personality. They're all just fun to be around. I love just showing them how much I care and taking them out and doing things. It just makes me happy doing that. I love how much they appreciate us. I mean, the feeling is it's like a two way street. It's just neat seeing just how they respond and the things that they do for us. I mean, if it wasn't for them, we just wouldn't be anywhere near where we're at. So it's important to me to take the time out just like in any other relationship to make sure that I go there and spend time with them. So we're going to level up and do that for two weeks this time. I'm super excited about that. And we'll report back on the trip once we do. We're going to record some content there, which will be fun too.

Number 11 start selling services for EcomCrew. This has not really taken off the way I was hoping partially because I was secretly hoping to keep all of our staff that we had working for ColorIt help start this services thing for EcomCrew. But when we sold ColorIt, kind of at the last minute, the buyers insisted that they get to keep our staff for ColorIt. So what I did negotiate based on that was that they had to continue to pay them the same amount, because that was important to me, continue to keep the same benefits, they even are keeping them in the same office. So I get to go see them when I'm over there, which is cool. 

And they get to interact with our current staff, which is important to me, because I know they've all become friends and I don't want them to lose those relationships. And they just work well together. I think that our stuff can help teach the new ColorIt staff and make sure ColorIt continues to be a success. And eventually I think that'll be a vice versa thing because I think the guys that bought ColorIt are Uber smart. And they're going to teach us a few things.

But unfortunately, we don't have those people to start this new EcomCrew services kind of division within our company. And so we're going to continue to work on this. I still want to do it. We absolutely are going to do it. It's going to be something that's exclusive for Premium members. But the idea is that you can use our graphic designer and our support people and our social media people or whatever to help with your business and get you from zero to hero in your business. 

And I think that a lot of businesses need this extra push because they're not quite ready to hire someone full time. This will not be a big profit center or anything for us. This is just extra services we can add to EcomCrew Premium, and continue to make that a better value for our community. So stay tuned for that, we’ll continue to work on that through 2019. I hope to still be able to launch that this year. 

All right, number 12 significantly improve the quality of the EcomCrew Podcast. So there's some things that we've done in regards to this. First of all, Abby is producing show notes for me ahead of time. So she's doing some pre interview stuff and kind of produce her hat type things that are making things way better. So we're just more prepared going into the podcast. It's not completely winged anymore. Believe it or not the vast majority of the EcomCrew Podcast has just basically been a couple of minutes of preparation before each episode and just being real, right? That's really helped. 

It's easy to just start talking about something when you're not faking it. And that's gotten us to where we are, but I want to take it to another level. And it's not going to be faking it but just being more prepared. And it's been pretty awesome so far. I think it's been going well. I'd be interested to hear comments if you can notice a difference at all so far this year. But the biggest changes are going to be coming later this year, I think when the conquer roadshow stuff comes out. We also have a job out, a job offering out for a full time videographer and audiographer which I think is going to be awesome. That's going to help with the content we're putting out and also with the podcast. So that I think is moving in the right direction. Pretty excited about that.

Number 13 film Season Two of 5 Minute Pitch. That's going to happen in August in Austin. We're still debating the format and what we're going to do exactly for season two. We've learned a lot for season one but I think we can do better. And I think we're probably going to change things up a little bit and do things a little different, but still not sure exactly what that means yet. But we are committed to being in Austin for a week, the last week of July and the first week of August. It's kind of like the July meets August that week, at the end of July. 

If you're interested in being on the 5 Minute Pitch, or just watching what we're doing over there, go to, really proud of what we've been able to put out there. I think you guys, if you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, you will really like itt. It's kind of a cross between Shark Tank and The Pitch which is a podcast from Gimlet Media. And maybe like the Profit, there's all kinds of parts of each thing that it kind of reminds me of, and I think that if you're in any of those shows, you'll love 5 Minute Pitch. 

All right, number 14 break each of our brands out into their own company. That is done. The repercussions of that are not done. There's a lot of things that happened because of this. We had to relabel all of our stuff, we had to recall inventory then we label it. Our Amazon listings got jacked up in the process. There's a bunch of stuff that's been frustrating. We had to set up on new accounting and credit cards and payment terms. So we're still working on fully getting everything as organized and perfect as I would like, but it's done. I mean, I could say that this is a checkmark. We've already broken out each brand legally into their own company, we're set to go there. 

All right, number 15, is start hosting in person events for EcomCrew, and I use the word regularly here. I'm not really sure, I should probably define that better because regularly could mean every day or it could mean once a year. So I guess we need to define this. But what I can say is that we're going to do more this year than we did last year. We're going to do at least two. We have one coming up in Hong Kong, which I'm not sure this podcast might actually go out right after that. But that's our first event. Then we're going to do another one this summer in Vancouver. So if you are in the Vancouver area, or you're able to get to Vancouver around the middle of end of August, that's about when that's going to be, we look forward to seeing you there. 

All right, speak at six industry events. This will be no problem. I think I'm already signed up for six; it might be eight at this point, I kind of lost track. But I spoke at Ecommerce Fuel already, going to speak at Sellers Summit and Global Sources Summit all before the first half of the year. So this should be no problem. I have a couple of other things already scheduled for later in the year and looking forward to going and speaking at those events and meeting all of you guys there. If you're going to be at those events, definitely come by and say hi.

Number 17 an obvious shift towards doing only things that bring me immense personal fulfillment. And I definitely feel like this is a checkmark. This is going to be a continuing journey. But as I mentioned, I really have been enjoying EcomCrew and the joy that that's brought me from the joy that it brings you guys. And what we have able to do for people in the e-commerce community is a combination of keeping it real, letting people know that this is hard, letting people know that they're probably going through the same struggles, that it's okay to have those struggles and to go through those things that you're not alone. 

I think it is important to talk about cash flow management and things of that nature, and also be able to do things like Under the Hood, EcomCrew Premium, the EcomCrew roadshow where I'm able to do it on a more personal level where it's a one on one type thing where I can get into your business and help you with that, and then seeing the results of that are pretty awesome because at this stage of my career, I kind of feel like I've experienced it all myself and I don't get the same dopamine hit by doing it myself any longer than I did when I was younger and doing it for the first time. 

But doing it for somebody else and helping them experience that gives me as much or more a dopamine hit than when I was doing it for myself. So it's an interesting relationship how things have kind of come full circle. And I want to continue to do that, because at least as long as I enjoy it, I can't say that it'll be forever, that's how I'm always going to feel. But certainly, it's been working that way so far this year. And I've been working towards doing that, and will continue to. So I think that that's a checkmark as well for 17 and that'll be an ongoing one.

Number 18 intermittent fast all 2019 and eat less meat. This has been another checkmark. I have basically intermittent fasted just about every single day in 2019. There's been a couple of days here and there. Obviously, with travel, being with a group of people, there was a situation where I was with a mastermind, that there's like nine people there and you kind of go with their schedule. So meals that happen before noon are going to happen, meals that happen after 8pm are going to happen. But those have certainly been the exception and not the norm. And I'm really happy that I've been able to do that through 2018. 

And the other thing here was to eat less meat. That's a combination of mostly just health reasons. And just I think that as I've gotten older, I've just been trying to eat less and less meat each year. I think that if you looked at my plate when I was 10, verses 20 or 30, then 40, the size of the pieces of meat have decreased and the portions of vegetables have increased and I'm trying to continue to do that. But I still love meat and will continue to eat some meat for protein and just because otherwise I think I'll go insane without eating any meat. So that's a personal goal, number 18 there intermittent fast and eat less meat. 

All right, and then the 19th goal, the last one here, not drink for the rest of 2019. So I made a commitment at Ecommerce Fuel Live in the middle of a drink and having some conversations with other friends to just not drink for the rest of the year or for until the next Ecommerce Fuel Live actually. So that'll probably be until January 2020. And I'm proud to say that I have done this with one exception. I have had one glass of champagne. That was when we closed on ColorIt. I thought that that was a fair thing to do. But while I was with my mastermind, it was the day that we actually closed on ColorIt, and they bought a bottle of champagne, and we had a toast and I did drink a glass of champagne. 

Thought again, under the circumstances that that was fine. But that most likely will be the last drink I have through the end of the year, maybe New Year's will be another one of these things. But I did this for a few reasons. Number one and I think again, this is what keeps the EcomCrew Podcast real. Quite frankly, when I made the decision, I was really starting to worry that I might have a problem, like I might have a drinking problem that I might literally be addicted to alcohol, be an alcoholic, because I was having a really hard time stopping drinking when I was drinking. And also I was craving it quite a bit. There would be situations where I would crave having a drink. And it was starting to really worry me. 

And it was also health reasons. I mean, obviously, it's not healthy to drink like that. I kind of joke that when I do something, I do it right. So if I'm going to start drinking, I'm going to drink and do it right for the night. And that's hurting your body. And so the result has been number one, I'm like 99.9% sure now that I am not an alcoholic, because I have not craved it. It's been incredibly easy actually to just not drink. I'm actually shocked, quite frankly, and I realize that this is a very sensitive topic. And I'm always like sarcastic and try to joke. But for this I want to keep it real and keep it serious because there are people out there that have a drinking problem or that alcoholics and I certainly respect that. 

So when I say it was easy for me to quit, I don't mean disrespect to other people who were it's difficult. It just for me, I realized it wasn't a problem for me. And I'm happy about that, obviously, because it was something that I was concerned about for myself. But there's only been one situation in the last four months since I did quit, where I really was craving a drink. And it was difficult for me not to drink that particular evening. I was with a really good friend of mine. We went to a jazz club in Austin — I'm sorry, in San Antonio, I apologize it was San Antonio, a jazz club in San Antonio and we had dinner at this jazz club. 

And I really didn't want to drink because it was just like the atmosphere there was like one of these situations where that really fits well with that. And I was just like man; I’d really love to have a cocktail right now and listen to this music and enjoy my meal. And I didn't drink because I am committed to going the rest of year without drinking, but that was really the only challenge. Every other thing has been relatively easy. But I have discovered that I've had to kind of like learn how to have fun again without it because a lot of the situations I find myself in, whether I'm out with friends that like to drink or whether that's personal friends outside of e-commerce or e-commerce friends, or with manufacturers or whatever it is, with employees even when you go out and have fun, like we will in the Philippines at karaoke, the drinking kind of is a part of all that, right? 

It loosens you up and it produces fun stories and things that you end up talking about for years to come. And that's the hardest part is just kind of like learning how to be in that environment and not feel awkward not drinking, and being able to fit in. And so that's probably the biggest struggle and I'm still working on that. And so far, it's actually been kind of fun actually being like the only sober guy in the room and watching other people do ridiculous things that I will probably do again in the future when I passed this one year mark, but it's just been actually, it's been interesting, it's been fun. 

And I'm looking forward to going through the rest of the year again, still not drinking. I think it fits well with the lose 10 pounds goal, if anything else. I am not drinking thousands upon thousands of empty calories every month that I was with alcohol because quite frankly, I was having a pretty sizable number of drinks throughout the month and that adds up in terms of calories. So, if you are struggling with this, reach out and let's talk about it. I’d love to chat with you about it. It's actually interesting. I've gotten more comments about this than any other thing that I've talked about on the EcomCrew Podcast. 

We very rarely get comments. It's interesting. It's always a struggle, because like you're on this podcast medium, you know people are listening because there are stats that show and prove that people are listening but you don't get a lot of comments. But the comments I have gotten have been about this, either publicly on these posts that we do or just reaching out personally, I've gotten literally dozens of emails just reaching out about this subject. And there's a lot of other people out there that are also not drinking. I had someone send me an article that was written on Medium the other day that was really a fascinating read that this is kind of a trend in some ways. 

But there's also people that have gone through the same struggles and realization I have. And so it seems like I hit a personal chord and I'm glad that was able to do that on this podcast. And I hope that for even those that didn't comment, I wish you guys the best of luck. If you're struggling with it, though, feel free to reach out, I’d love to help be a support group for you. And if you do have a problem, and you realize that the first step to that is admitting it and getting help for that, and I encourage you to do so. 

So that's how we're going to end the podcast for today guys, 2019 goals. There are 19 of them, well on the way to completing a lot of them, which feels great. I feel like we're ahead of the curve this year with completing the goals, a lot of them because this team of less is more, doubling down on EcomCrew, focusing on me, the goals are very different than last year, which last year was let's grow at 100% and launch a zillion products, and it was just always like this intensity, and just stress that comes along with that. 

And things already feel a lot different throughout 2019. I've had several people comment that I just physically look different. And just they can kind of tell that that's the way things have gone. And I can feel it. And I think that that's important at some point too because I've gone through this cycle a few times in my business career and my life, that you identify it the best you can and put things in place so you don't burn out. And so you don't hurt your greatest resource which is you, right? So make sure that you're thinking about that in your business, in your life and that you're constantly being aware of that and how things are affecting you and others around you. 

So that's going to do it guys, I look forward to the comments. If you do have a comment, you can shoot me an email directly at or you can go to to get to the show notes and leave a comment directly on this post. I am looking forward to hearing all of your comments. As always, for those of you that do take the time to comment, I really appreciate it. And as I mentioned at the top of the show, if you do take a moment to leave a review, I really appreciate it. That's the one thing that if you were going to do for me, I'd appreciate doing that because it does help get exposure for EcomCrew. All right guys, so until the next episode, happy selling and we'll talk to you soon.

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Michael Jackness

Michael started his first business when he was 18 and is a serial entrepreneur. He got his start in the online world way back in 2004 as an affiliate marketer. From there he grew as an SEO expert and has transitioned into ecommerce, running several sites that bring in a total of 7-figures of revenue each year.


  1. Hi Michael Jackness,

    I’m a recent listener to the eComCrew podcast, but I can already see it’s filled with a ton of valuable information.
    Not sure what your schedule is like while your visiting Tokyo, Japan, but if you’re doing any kind of meetup I would be interested in chatting. Please let me know.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately there’s nothing planned for Japan this time but hopefully next :)

  2. Less is More! Totally agree with you on this. It’s really challenging to keep my thoughts within that scope and gauge the boundaries of too little too late or too much too soon.
    Are you hiking the West Coast Trail solo?! I googled it and it looks totally awesome! I’ll have to get this on my list of hiking camping trails one day while I still can.
    Congratulation on your divestiture of ColorIT! It’s so awesome to experience the fruit of your labor and reduce significant stress from operating that business. More time for more important people and opportunities.
    Really enjoying your podcast. Wish there are some way of a interactive live podcast. FB live perhaps?
    Thank you for everything that Dave and you are giving us as audience!

    1. Hi Leong,
      Answering for Mike – no he’s not hiking it alone. I’ll be carrying him most of the way and also David Couillard who is a part of EcomCrew is coming along with another friend/seller. We used to FB Lives for the podcasts. We might do a couple in the future.

      1. Dave, that will be a lot of fun! It’ll be great if you guys can share some live videos or recorded clips during the hike. Cell receptions are probably questionable. Wish I can join your group for this hike!

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