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Episode 32: Greg Mercer on Jungle Scout’s Suite of Tools for Amazon Sellers

Our guest today is Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is an application that pairs with a seller’s Amazon account. The software offers a suite of tools for Amazon sellers to help them optimize their product and the product reputation.

Greg also has his hand in other software tools such as Fetcher, Spitly, and Review Kick. On today’s episode, Greg tells us about how Jungle Scout got its start and how their products complies with Amazon’s new system changes.

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The Ecommerce Inventory Management Infographic

It’s getting down to tax season. Naturally, this is one the most frustrating times for me, because I hate paperwork and I dread getting all of my accounting properly done.

If there’s one area that Mike and I are both still trying to get a good grip on, it’s ecommerce accounting. It’s still a relatively new niche and there’s a fair amount of applications out there, but there’s no “magic” platform that does it all and most owners we know that are multi-channel sellers still have to cobble various tools together.

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Episode 21: Supercharge Your Email Marketing Part Three

Today we complete the series How to Supercharge Your Email Marketing. This is part 3 of 3. If you haven’t heard the first part of this series you can hear parts 1 and 2 here and here.

We have been talking about the success of the Colorit contests. We have talked about the email flows that contestants receive in their inboxes. These flows have really helped us get more sales.

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Episode 18: From Garage to Warehouse and Beyond

Today’s episode is about going from running your business out of your home to a warehouse. We have our own growing pains stories on this topic, so we hope we can help those of you ready to move.

The key factor to maintaining a warehouse is efficiency. A lot of things go into making sure your operation is efficient. You need to make sure the items are safely packed for shipping (which is harder than you expect) and that your inventory can keep up with demand.

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Episode 10: Tools and Tips for Handling Multiple Brands

Welcome to our last podcast of 2015! We love all the feedback we’ve received since we launched our podcast, and we can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say next year. That’s why on today’s episode we’re answering a listener’s questions!

On our forum, David recently asked how we managed the logistics of owning and maintaining multiple brands under one business. Many of you out there may have quite a few small businesses under your belt,

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Modify BigCommerce Checkout To Boost Conversions By 30%

As many of you know, we run a few BigCommerce stores.  Over the past couple of months we have been getting a lot of complaints from customers not being able to complete checkout.  At first we just brushed it off believing it was operator error, or someone trying to checkout with Internet Explorer 7.

Still, after each one of these calls or chats it made my blood boil; there is nothing more frustrating than having an ecommerce store where someone is trying to give you money and you can’t take it!

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Failure to Profit: A 5 Month Ecommerce Turnaround

It’s hard to believe that today is my 5 month anniversary purchasing Before I go any further… this is the point in the story where I want to let my wife know, I’m aware that we have a much more important anniversary coming up…. our 9 year wedding anniversary. I have something special planned babe, I promise! Ok, back on topic… how have things been going with Well, lets just say I don’t regret the purchase (or the marriage).

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Day 5: How to Migrate from Miva Merchant to Shopify

Caption Contest – How not to do a cart migration?

Sales to Date: $155.56

Yesterday I talked about why I chose Shopify over BigCommerce for our new ecommerce platform for Today, I’ll be walking through migrating our store from Miva Merchant 9 over to Shopify. Why am I just a little scared?  Because I’ll be moving over 2,493 historical orders, 374 products, over 2,000(!) variants, dozens of categories and untold custom fields and module configuration settings.

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Day 4: Why We Picked Shopify over BigCommerce for our Store

Sales to Date: $155.56

Just last year, Mike and I built a million dollar business with using BigCommerce, of the most popular shopping cart platforms. I was the developer, wireframer, UX designer and architect for many of our custom built tools. In a word, we pushed BigCommerce to the limits on what it was capable of doing – and then some. I would safely say that I know BigCommerce better than 99% of anyone out there

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Day 3: Keep Store Costs Low by Using Free Services

Sales to Date: $155.56

Woo hoo!  Another sale today, this time for a $100 cutting board.  Yesterday, I showed how to enter in a drop ship order and today was more of the same- sending an email to the vendor, letting the customer know their order has been processed and that the shipping details will be coming soon.

My to-do list today has been pretty long and involves cut down costs as much as possible from what the previous shop keeper was paying for.

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